Central Desktop Backs THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser's Nationwide Efforts with Product Donation

Central Desktop announced it is donating its online collaboration service platform to THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser and KaptureVision, a national event planning firm that plans and executes fundraising events around the country.

According to a release, through its CD Gives initiative, Central Desktop helps nonprofits connect to their communities and improve communication within their organizations in an effort to allow them to focus on their causes and less on team and volunteer management.

THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser is an organization whose primary focus is to promote philanthropic involvement among a generation of young professionals ranging in age from 21 to 35. The team accomplishes its mission through organizing nationwide events that honor breast cancer survivors and fighters and help raise money for local breast cancer organizations, some of which are affiliates of Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The nonprofit advocates the importance of value-added services to newly diagnosed and young breast cancer patients and families and joins with corporate partners whose passion for young professionals match THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser’s mission.

“With so many projects going at once and multiple events booked in cities across the country, we will use Central Desktop as a way to understand what each team member is working on, share files and work together on projects,” said Nilo G, founder of THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser. “We have so many moving parts – from calling on sponsors to raffle and donation items to negotiating contracts with vendors – and Central Desktop will help us stay more organized, increase efficiency and ultimately raise more money for this cause.”

“We are thrilled to donate our service to a company that influences so much of what drives the breast cancer awareness movement by bringing people with common interests together in their local communities,” said Isaac Garcia, CEO and co-founder of Central Desktop. “We are confident that through the use of Central Desktop, THE Breast Cancer Fundraiser will be more successful than ever and will meet their goal of reaching more than 20 metropolitan cities by 2015.”

More information: www.centraldesktop.com