Central Desktop Improves Document Collaboration with New Presence Detection

Cloud-based social collaboration platform Central Desktop (news, site) has recently added new features to its collaborative suite. New features include presence detection and polling, which will enhance the way collaborators engage with each other online.

Social Engagement for Enterprises

Central Desktop’s basic feature set involves managing projects from a central location. With data located in the cloud, businesses would need not worry about infrastructure costs, security and maintenance. The service lets colleagues from different teams collaborate and share content, as well as connect with clients. Isaac Garcia, Central Desktop CEO and founder says the new features will help “provide users with functionality they need to work smarter and faster.”

The features in the latest version will improve collaboration, with enhanced presence indicators and a new user status.

  • Polling adds a new dimension to discussions. Rather than simply relying on qualitative input, users can now quantify the opinions in discussion threads. These come with email notifications and the ability to take polls manually.
  • Who’s Online lets users see who from the team are currently available, and this will also include quick links to each member’s public profile.
  • My Collaborators involves a list of select and frequently contacted persons from within the team. This is conveniently displayed right on the dashboard for easy access.
  • Workspace Observers is a feature that lets users see other members of the team who are currently viewing, but are not participating in an active capacity. Central Desktop says this permission level is ideal for situations in which members of the team will be watching, but who don’t necessarily need to contribute.

Improving Collaboration Among Teams and Clients

Central Desktop is holding a webinar tomorrow which will highlight the latest features and how these play along with existing features. Central Desktop targets businesses of all sizes, although Garcia says their aim is to be a SharePoint alternative that’s “available to the masses.” Central Desktop also tailor-fits its services to specific niches and markets, such as SocialBridge, which provides a collaborative system for marketing companies.