Central Desktop Integrates Online Diagrams into Collaboration Platform

Whether it’s wireframes or flowcharts, diagrams can help make the process more visual and easier to understand. Recently, Central Desktop announced the availability of its new Online Diagrams feature which allows users to create professional quality diagrams including flowcharts, organizational charts, wireframes and mindmaps.

Collaborate & Innovate

Powered by Creately, the Online Diagrams Feature fully integrates into Central Desktop’s collaboration platform to provide a visual way for users to communicate on projects. Users can create, edit, save and share online diagrams and can be distributed to allow for collaboration on design, development and business/strategy diagrams.

Investing in visual communication tools is not just about collaboration and productivity, it’s also about driving innovation and enhancing decision-making processes.

Online diagrams is chock full of features that provide users with flexibility and functionality. Through an intuitive interface, users can create and edit online diagrams by dragging and dropping objects, shapes and connectors. Images can be inserted via an integrated library of objects and shapes or through a Google image search. With revision control, users can access past versions of online diagrams and new versions are automatically logged and saved in the Central Desktop.

Additionally, comments and other feedback is captured on individual online diagrams and are saved. Online diagrams can be embedded into wiki pages or online documents and can be updated automatically no matter where changes are made.

Getting your entire team on the same page may mean taking the right steps and tools to illustrate your point. Making it easy for others to comment, offer feedback, make changes and collaborate effectively can aide the overall process. The advanced functionality of Online Diagrams can take the work out of workflows and put more brain power into mindmaps.