Central Desktop Partners with ERP

San Francisco, CA – ERP (www.erp.com), a leader in bringing together enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and materials requirement planning (MRP) practitioners with enterprise systems software, hardware and services providers, announced its partnership with Central Desktop, a leader in collaboration software.

ERP.com is focused on integrating the ERP community; the practitioner, the consultant, and the vendor to facilitate relationships and connections within this group. “Providing Information on new products and services under the ERP umbrella that can help an organization is one of the key focuses of ERP.com. Our partnership with Central Desktop and their “mini erp” solution is an example of a unique product amongst the wide range of products that are available to ERP practitioners to help increase productivity” states Rich Bennett, marketing manager for ERP.com.

The community site also provides user generated reviews of products as well as an open forum to post products in the ERP space on the site.

A Recession is a Good Thing for ERP Solutions

The silver cloud in this challenging economy is that it brings to light the benefit of ERP systems. Not only do company’s need to work harder, they need to work smarter. ERP systems like Central Desktop help bridge together virtual offices and remote groups saving time and resources. “The climate may be a little tougher than usual to bring in new customers, but from a bottom line perspective, increasing productivity has the same result at increasing top-line sales and that’s what ERP systems can do for an organization” says Alan Zach, a senior consultant at Stormthink.

What is ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an enterprise-wide information system designed to coordinate all the business’ resources, information, and activities such as manufacturing, supply chain management, financials, projects, human resources and customer relationship management. ERP originated as an extension of MRP (material requirement planning) and is now recognized as a business solution covering all basic functions of an enterprise, regardless of the organization’s business, size or charter. Non-manufacturing businesses, non-profit organizations and governments now all use ERP systems. For more information, please visit: www.erp.com or contact us at info ( @ ) erp dot com dot For sales and partnership opportunities contact: sales ( @ ) erp dot com dot For affiliate marketing and PR questions contact: affiliates ( @ ) erp dot com dot

About ERP.com

Based in Los Angeles, California, ERP.com was founded in early 2007 by former entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 executives from SAP, PepsiCo, InterActiveCorp (IAC), and Lucent Technologies. It is a professional community site focused on offering the most up to date and relevant information on enterprise resource planning and a forum for ERP practitioners to post content, insights and reviews, and network for ideas and information within the ERP community.

About Central Desktop

Central Desktop delivers a pure SaaS-Based social technology platform for progressive business teams to interact, share and manage their daily work activities from anywhere at anytime. Central Desktop’s customers represent progressive organizations with geographically dispersed teams that are using innovative web 2.0 tools for business success. Its social technology platform consistently delivers a 30% increase in productivity while decreasing the total cost of doing business.