City of Coldwater Selects Exinda to Optimize its Internet Services

Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimization solutions incorporating Unified Performance Management, today announced that the City of Coldwater Board of Public Utilities (CBPU) has selected Exinda’s solutions to improve the performance of its Internet services to its residential and business subscribers. With the Exinda solutions in place, CBPU Internet service subscribers now experience faster access speeds for video and other bandwidth-intensive applications, without compromising the performance of other applications.

“Our first priority is to provide our customers with the fastest and most reliable Internet connections we can deliver,” said Arthur W. Plato, Internet Engineer, Coldwater Board of Public Utilities. “Over the last few years, the volume of video downloads from sites such has risen significantly. We chose Exinda WAN Optimization solutions so that we could improve the delivery of video and other traffic on the network without the need for an overhaul of our infrastructure.”

CBPU selected Exinda’s 8760 WAN Optimization appliances, which can support up to 5 GBs of traffic and up to 100,000 simultaneous users. The Exinda 8760 incorporates the ExOS 6.1 software, which supports Exinda Edge Cache, a single-sided caching feature that significantly improves the performance of video applications, while reducing the impact of video traffic on the WAN.

“The Exinda Edge Cache offers precisely the capabilities we were looking for from a WAN Optimization solution,” said Plato. “It allows us to offer improved download times for video traffic, while reducing the amount of bandwidth consumed. The result is a better user experience and happier subscribers.”

The Exinda Edge Cache enables single-sided caching of Internet-based content, including web objects, videos and software updates with a single Exinda WAN Optimization appliance at the branch office or data center, enabling a superior user experience and reducing WAN utilization costs. With the Exinda Edge Cache, web objects are cached at the network edge when they are downloaded from the Internet. These objects can then be delivered to the users on the corporate local area network much faster, providing a better user experience. By caching these web objects in the local office, organizations can drive down the network traffic consumed by each office, which directly reduces network costs.

“By eliminating the repetitive download of content over the WAN, the Exinda Edge Cache dramatically improves the speed and performance of internet applications,” said Kevin Suitor, Exinda’s VP of marketing. “Our customers have seen as much as 80% reduction in http traffic over the WAN, and more than 35% reduction in video and other content. By reducing the consumption of valuable WAN resources, organizations can maximize their existing network spend and use the savings to fund innovative projects that further reduce cost.”

About Exinda

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