ClearPractice and Prognosis Form Strategic Partnership

ClearPractice, a provider of innovative software solutions for physicians and medical groups, announced today its strategic partnership with Prognosis Health Information Systems, a provider of healthcare information technology to rural and community hospitals. The partnership brings to market the first and only integrated SaaS-based electronic medical record (EMR) solution for rural and community hospitals and their affiliated physicians.

“There has been a glaring need within the rural and community hospital market for a robust, yet affordable enterprise EMR solution delivered via the Cloud,” said Joel Andersen, President of ClearPractice. “Via this solution, hospitals and physicians now have secure and timely access to critical patient information creating a highly coordinated and collaborative patient care environment.”

Cloud computing enables healthcare constituencies to cut back on the upfront expense and hassle associated with buying and maintaining software and computer equipment. Through a single-point, web-connection, ClearPractice and Prognosis are joining forces to help physicians and hospitals eliminate the expense of developing and managing on-premise infrastructure, servers, networks and the interfaces needed to share information between one another.

“As meaningful use unfolds, it will become increasingly important for hospitals to seamlessly share information with physicians in the community. This partnership makes it easy for hospitals and medical practices to exchange clinical data without having to worry about cumbersome, complicated interfaces. Providers can simply zero in on what’s important – sharing the clinical data that will improve care,” said Ramsey Evans, CEO of Prognosis Health Information Systems.

The first initiative resulting from this partnership, Faith Community Hospital in Jacksboro, Texas and the Jack County Medical Clinic is undergoing full implementation of the integrated electronic medical records system, allowing the seamless exchange of information from in-patient to ambulatory environments and back again.

“As a small hospital with an associated physician practice, we needed a single solution to help us with our EMR needs that was easy to use and cost-effective,” said Marion Thurman, Director of IT & HIPAA Compliance of Faith Community Hospital. “This solution is not only easy to use and cost-effective, but it also allows us to streamline our communications so we can provide better care for our patients.”

About ClearPractice

ClearPractice provides innovative web-based (SaaS) software solutions to physicians, medical groups, and other healthcare organizations. The company’s integrated solutions include electronic medical record (EMR) software accessible via web browser, iPad, or iPhone, as well as practice management, electronic prescribing, and personal health record solutions. ClearPractice is a member of the EGHC family of healthcare companies, proudly serving thousands of physicians and healthcare organizations nationwide. For more information, visit or call 877-943-6379.

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About Prognosis

Prognosis Health Information Systems, Inc., aims to improve the quality and safety of patient care in America by providing highly affordable, functional and usable information systems for hospitals. The Houston-based company, which was built by leveraging the healthcare industry experiences of a business software vendor and a medical records service and software provider, offers the information technology, service and support that makes EHR success a realistic goal for all healthcare organizations. Prognosis offers ChartAccess, a Comprehensive EHR developed by clinicians that make it easy to afford, use, implement and maintain an electronic health records system. For more information, go to