AtTask is Announced as a 2011 CODiE Finalist

Recognizes the best business application that automates the management of project-based business activities. The category includes: project management software, project accounting, project estimating, project portfolio management, project scheduling, requirements management, bug and defect tracking and resource planning and scheduling software.

Products nominated here are eligible for the Best Operations Management Solution supercategory.

AtTask – AtTask, Inc.

Combining the structure of project management with the power of social media to address the nuances of work management, AtTask has built the world’s first true social Work Management platform. AtTask provides a data-rich environment that improves management visibility, while delivering value to individual contributors in a way that is actually fun to use. – Clarizen

Clarizen’s Work Execution Software is an easy to use, cloud computing platform streamlining and optimizing every knowledge worker’s full effort, ensuring all activities are aligned with the overall business objectives and coordinated among colleagues. Clarizen naturally connects unstructured communications with structured project objectives, tasks and milestones.

Work and project details are managed and maintained in one centralized, online location reflecting the true status and orchestrating the team in real time.

Clarizen integrates all facets of collaborative work execution from setting goals and creating projects to customizing resource availability and cost structures to tracking issues and time to real-time reporting to email/note and document tracking and hosting. Managers and team members visually see the state of projects and open tasks/issues/alerts from an intuitive dashboard available in any browser.

Clarizen delivers enterprise security and scalability for work execution. With Clarizen, repetitive actions and initiatives (client kick-off, new location opening, etc.) can be saved as templates with workflows, tasks and alerts so that similar projects can be started in a click and resource conflicts and opportunities can be identified in a moment. Using Clarizen, companies such as DHL, NBC Universal, Roche, Fujitsu, IDC, the US EPA and many more are executing work 85% more efficiently. Clarizen customers eliminate status meetings since status is always up to date in Clarizen – and instead meet to brainstorm, resolve issues and work.

OpenAir – NetSuite, Inc.

NetSuite OpenAir’s Professional Services Automation (PSA) provides a complete cloud solution for services organization including project management; resource Management; timesheet management; expense Management; invoicing; reporting and dashboards

NetSuite OpenAir project management capabilities enables project managers and team members to collaborate on projects and maintain current and accurate project status at all times, allowing managers to proactively identify and resolve potential threats to the success of each and every engagement. The result is a significantly improved project completion record, more satisfied clients, and reduced non-billable work.

Tenrox Project Workforce Management Solution – Tenrox Corporation

Cloud-based Project Management Software that packs all the power you need and still is an absolute pleasure to use.

Your workforce is dispersed and globally dispered. Your project workforce is composed of a variety of skills and experience from a pool of internal staff, part time employees, contractors and partner resources. Project teams are often remote and sometimes disconnected, but are required to collaborate to deliver work. Tenrox cloud-based project management software helps you manage your resource pool and work schedules so that you can optimize project delivery and resource utilization by assigning the optimal resources to the right projects while avoiding scheduling conflicts and resource overload.

Tenrox project management empowers your project workforce by giving them the tools they need to collaborate in real-time, track project progress and issues, and gain access to instants reports and analytics to assess project status and make faster more informed decisions.