Consumers' Voice is Transforming Market Research

Panel Technology Company Offers Expert Insights into Dynamic Brand-Consumer Dialogue, Best Practices in Rapidly Evolving Market Research Segment

ENCINO, Calif.–In the era of a 24/7 news cycle and instantaneous global communications, how does a company keep its finger on the pulse of its customers? How can these always-shifting attitudes and opinions be measured to best nurture the brand? What if that brand is directly affected by the latest celebrity dust-up, breaking industry news, or government mandate? Wiggle room is evaporating, and brands need quick and direct access to their most important decision-makers: consumers.

“Online panels offer better geographic targeting, the use of innovative technologies, and the ability to recruit hard-to-reach audiences from anywhere in the world, particularly through social media”

With online panels for market research, access is granted. According to Forrester Research, “online panels have grown to be used for almost 50 percent of quantitative data in the United States.” That’s cheering news for consumers who chafed at the market research phone calls that used to interrupt dinner. And since online panelists opt-in for market research, they’re highly motivated and engaged participants — unlike the oft-reluctant respondent caught off-guard by the ringing telephone.

uSamp, one of the fastest-growing online panel companies (, is on the forefront of the market research industry’s transformation. The company’s management team, comprised of market research veterans, includes uSamp co-founders Matt Dusig and Gregg Lavin, entrepreneurs in the online panel industry who previously launched online sample company goZing, which was acquired by Greenfield Online in 2005.

“Online panels offer better geographic targeting, the use of innovative technologies, and the ability to recruit hard-to-reach audiences from anywhere in the world, particularly through social media,” says Dusig. “Online panels are reshaping the way market research is conducted.”

“Market researchers can gather more accurate data in less time from narrower target audiences than ever before,” Lavin adds. “Perhaps that’s why, according to Inside Research, $4.5 billion is now spent in online research each year, with $900 million devoted to online sample, or panelists for surveys.”


Members of uSamp’s senior management are available to discuss the impact and significance of online panels for market research, including:

• How technology can be self-serve

• Client engagement models: what works, what doesn’t

• Routers and panel satisfaction

• Blending sample and multiple sourcing

• Social media: it’s about quality, not just quantity

• The lifecycle of a panel member: recruitment and how to engage, measuring panel satisfaction, and the impact on a project’s lifecycle

• Getting granular: how robust profiling leads to the needle in the haystack

• Virtual currency and incentives that really motivate


uSamp senior executives are available immediately for media interviews.


Matt Dusig, Co-Founder & CEO. Dusig oversees technology, marketing, operations and corporate business development. With a key focus on product development, he is the visionary and leader for all software initiatives. In 1999, as the co-founder and president of, Dusig headed all technology development, marketing, strategic and corporate development at goZing — where revenues zoomed from zero at start-up to $13 million in 2004.

Gregg Lavin, Co-Founder & President. Lavin is responsible for sales strategy and online marketing partnerships, strategic relationships and the company’s strategic vision. As co-founder and CEO of in 1999, Lavin successfully executed sales, marketing and business development. Lavin and Matt Dusig sold goZing to Greenfield Online, an industry competitor, in 2005.

Lisa Wilding-Brown, Senior Director of Panel Operations. Before joining uSamp, Wilding-Brown served at Harris Interactive where she was instrumental in the development and management of the Harris Poll Online, one of the first online market research panels in the industry, and spearheaded the development of over 40 specialty panels that increased targeting capabilities significantly.

About uSampTM

uSampTM (, formerly United Sample Inc., is one of the world’s fastest growing online panel companies, providing survey panelists and technology for use in market research. Founded in 2008, uSamp has 90 team members worldwide and more than 1.5 million global market research panelists. The company’s web-based panel platform is transforming the management and delivery of online panel for market researchers, offering unprecedented access over their panel. uSamp’s deep well of proprietary technologies includes SampleMarket™, PanelNet™, PanelShield™ and real-time Panel Book Search — cutting-edge solutions for accessing, branding and managing panels. uSamp’s platform eliminates fraudulent, professional and duplicate survey takers while giving market researchers access to highly responsive, hard-to-reach panelists across any niche demographic, from just about anywhere in the world. Established by the creators of the renowned goZingTM online panel, uSamp is based in Los Angeles, with offices in India, Connecticut, London and San Francisco.