Consumers would rather part with microwave than smartphone

Consumers are increasingly relying on their smartphones, preferring their mobile devices over a variety of other electronics.

According to a report by ExactTarget, more than two-thirds of consumers would prefer to keep their smartphones over their Playstation, Wii or other video gaming console. Thirty-four percent would rather part with their microwaves than their cellphones, and 40 percent would prefer to give up their laptops.

Marketers can play to this attachment by launching well-rounded mobile marketing campaigns. Cherry Butler wrote for Fast Casual that small, local businesses should launch mobile-optimized websites as their first move..

“As opposed to simply shrinking a business’ website to fit a phone screen, a mobile-optimized site is a condensed, highly-functional website built especially for the phone,” Butler wrote for the source. “It doesn’t replace a [company’s] main website, but it is an easy way for users and new customers to quickly find and connect with a local [business.]”

Butler also stressed the importance of building a database of consumers via an opt-in campaign, which can help firms roll out SMS campaigns. Once a consumer does this, it’s important to reward them with a coupon or promotional offer.