Creating a Better Online Experience for Consumers Made Even Easier With Monetate 11

Monetate today announced the launch of Monetate 11, a next-generation online marketing platform that gives marketers new levels of control over messaging and promotions on their website. Installed on the website with just one line of code, Monetate 11 is delivered to businesses through a cloud-based platform that enables marketers to inject customized content and features into web pages between the ecommerce server and the site visitor’s browser. To make testing, targeting, and personalization of websites even easier, Monetate 11 features iPad compatibility so marketers can design and manage campaigns from just about anywhere.

“Monetate 11 breaks the mold of all previous website testing and optimization products,” said Monetate founder and CEO David Brussin. “We designed Monetate to empower marketers to take control of their websites and deliver relevant content to online consumers in a strategic manner that makes the most of the traffic driven to their site from all sources. In this new era of agile commerce, Monetate provides marketers with the necessary features and performance to optimize website content for specific visitors in a way that drives real results to the bottom line.”

“Monetate means a better customer experience, and everybody feels better about that,” said Bob Myers, CEO of Sheplers. “When you are trying to deliver the best possible website experience to each and every customer, with a minimum of pain, Monetate is a huge asset to have on your side.”

“Monetate makes us more efficient in how we bring change to the website and that has really changed our business for the better,” said Dmitri Siegel, Executive Director of Marketing at Urban Outfitters.

Campaign Management Made Easy

Monetate 11 enables marketers to handle all aspects of creating, measuring, and managing campaigns to deliver targeted website content — without IT involvement. To get started, marketers simply enter the “who, what, when, and why” of the campaign into the Monetate dashboard. A rich set of tools makes it easy to launch and manage campaigns, including campaign cloning, tagging, and filtering, all new in Monetate 11.

Test Content to Determine What Works

Each Monetate campaign is automatically A/B tested against a control group and the results are tracked in real time so you can quickly see the impact on key metrics like conversion, average order value, cart abandonment, and revenue per session. Monetate 11 supports an infinite number of A/B/n and Multivariate tests, enabling some customers to routinely run more than 100 concurrent tests per month. When tests trend positive, Monetate 11 allows you to disable the control group with one click so the content that performs best is immediately visible to all site visitors, with zero additional cost or coding.

Target Offers and Promotions by Customer Segment

Monetate 11 delivers an unmatched range of targeting options that enable commercial websites to tailor content to disparate traffic segments and create more relevant, compelling, and valuable interaction with their customers. Targeting abilities provided by Monetate 11 include:

  • GeoTargeting: Tailor messaging and promotions according to the site visitor’s location. Use geographic targets like country, state, shipping zone, and media market, or target based on demographics like median income. You can also segment offers according to distance from physical stores, offices, or shipping points, even the real-world locations of your competition.
  • Weather-based Targeting: Emulate the brick and mortar retail strategy of adjusting displays and promotions based on the weather. Monetate 11 knows what the weather is like where site visitors are located so you can target traffic segments with climate-appropriate products, messaging, and promotions.
  • Behavioral Targeting: Target based on any aspect of past or current visitor behavior on your site. Mix and match from a rich menu of criteria including buying patterns and brand preferences, product and category browsing history, number of days since last visit, number and value of items added to cart, and much more.

Personalize the Online Shopping Experience

Monetate 11 features rules-based product recommendation capabilities that allow marketers to target recommendations based on complex business rules, as well as their knowledge of customer preferences. This ensures the right product is put in front of the right customer at the right time. Additionally, the powerful image compositing tool that is built into Monetate 11 enables marketers to automatically create high-quality creatives to run alongside targeted campaigns.

The Flexibility to Add Functionality

Monetate 11 gives marketers the ability to test and deploy their own HTML and JavaScript. Organizations can further leverage Monetate’s tag to evaluate third-party website features like customer reviews, social media integration, product videos, and predictive search, with no back-end coding or IT involvement required. Companies can then use Monetate to seamlessly convert successful test deployments into permanent site features.

Analytics & Reporting

At the heart of the Monetate platform is an analytics engine that provides marketers with all the data they need about traffic segments and purchasing patterns to make informed decisions about the promotions, messages, and other content they deliver to consumers. Monetate 11 adds tagging and filtering of campaigns to provide multiple perspectives on key metrics like conversion rate and average order value. Since Monetate lets marketers design and run multiple concurrent campaigns while simultaneously testing them in real time, without having to rely on their IT department or hire specialized staff, the result is vastly improved marketing efficiency and website ROI.

Availability: All existing Monetate customers are being automatically upgraded to Monetate 11.

About Monetate
Monetate is the leading provider of testing, targeting, and personalization for websites. The company’s cloud-based platform empowers marketers to test and target product offers and site features and convert successful tests into personalized messaging and promotional campaigns, instantly, anywhere on the website. Monetate removes the IT bottleneck and is quick and easy to install using just a single JavaScript tag, inserted only once, and requiring no internal IT resources. Some of the best known brands in the world use Monetate to make the most of their online marketing dollars, increase conversion rates, and personalize the website experience including Aeropostale, Urban Outfitters, Altrec, The Sports Authority, PETCO, QVC and more. Based in Philadelphia, Monetate serves a growing list of B2C websites around the world. For more information about Monetate, visit