eEye Announces Retina CS 2.5; Enhancements Allow Organizations to Improve Security Risk Prioritization and Streamline Vulnerability Management

eEye Digital Security, a provider of IT security and unified vulnerability management solutions, today announced availability of Retina CS 2.5. This latest version of the eEye Retina CS unified vulnerability management platform provides customers with flexible risk scoring, broad exploit intelligence, integrated attack malware information, and enhanced risk reports and analytics. Enhancements and added features allow customers to improve vulnerability management efficiency and to better prioritize and remediate security risks based on their unique environments. The combination of new and enhanced capabilities allows customers to:

  • Optimize remediation based on security and compliance risk thresholds
  • Prioritize vulnerability risk based on exploit volumes
  • Simplify reporting and analytics with prioritization heat maps and additional asset risk reports
  • Improve asset risk prioritization based on malware and attack information
  • Improve vulnerability management efficiency with additional grouping and rule options, enhanced patch management, and interactive reporting

“Many organizations fail to address their most critical security weaknesses, spending time and money correcting relatively minor security problems,” said Eric Ogren, principal and founder of the Ogren Group. “Security risk prioritization is an indispensable element of any pragmatic IT security and compliance strategy. Enterprises need solutions that will allow them to prioritize so that they can quickly and easily close the most dangerous security gaps in their networks.”

Retina CS 2.5 Enhancements and Associated Benefits:

  • Flexible Risk Scoring: Refine CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) based on business, assets, and risk appetite.
  • Broad Exploit Intelligence: Identify whether a vulnerability has an associated exploit from Core, Metasploit, or Exploit Database to improve risk prioritization.
  • Integrated Attack and Malware Information: See malware and attack data — including attacks from third-party solutions — to improve asset risk prioritization.
  • Enhanced Risk Reports and Analytics: New vulnerability prioritization heat map and additional asset risk reports improve allocation of resources for remediation tasks.
  • Updated PCI 2.0 Scoring and Reporting: Automated PCI reporting available via a redesigned PCI scoring and reporting format that complies with PCI 2.0 requirements.
  • Additional Smart Groups and Rule Options: Extended library of built-in Smart Groups with more filtering and action options including “virtual servers and desktops,” “alert on vulnerability,” “open tickets,” and “assign tickets.”
  • Patch Management Enhancements: Improved patch management user interface streamlines patch remediation and reporting.
  • Interactive Reporting: More reports available that include even more flexibility and customization with enhanced usability, summary metrics, and interactive drilldown.

“Recent high-profile hacks that successfully compromised several organizations underscore the need for effective vulnerability management. If these organizations would have had the ability to better identify their weakest links, they may have been able to repel the attacks,” said Brad Hibbert, vice president, strategy, eEye. “Retina CS 2.5 empowers IT security teams, allowing them to pinpoint weaknesses and to quickly close the gaps that hackers thrive on.”


Retina CS 2.5 is available now. For more information visit:

Security in Context:

Security is not a one-size-fits-all operation. Security solutions today need to take the fear and hype out of security and provide straightforward solutions — in the context of each organization’s unique needs. As part of eEye Digital Security’s mission to keep security in context, Retina CS 2.5 provides new contextual features for organizations to define, prioritize, and remediate security risks more efficiently. In addition to this new product, this week eEye will also announce the availability of Retina CS Mobility Connector and free patching for the Retina Community product.