eEye Identifies Exploitable Vulnerabilities and Provides Metasploit Integration to Reduce Risk and Streamline Vulnerability Management

eEye Digital Security, a provider of IT security and unified vulnerability management solutions, today announced that the latest release of its Retina Network Security Scanner, as well as the corresponding free version of the product, Retina Community, will both now include exploit identification and right-click integration with Metasploit penetration testing.

Using the free Retina Community scanner or the Retina Network Security Scanner (version 5.13.0 or higher), users can see whether a vulnerability has an associated exploit from Core Impact, Metasploit, or, allowing IT Security professionals to better prioritize vulnerabilities and fix the biggest risks first. In addition, if a Metasploit exploit exists, users can right-click to launch Metasploit (3.6.0 or higher) directly from the scanner to perform a penetration test against the targeted host.

“This latest version of Retina Community and the Retina Network Security Scanner allows IT Security professionals to fix their biggest risks first. And, with right-click Metasploit integration, penetration testing is literally at the IT Security professional’s fingertips within the Retina interface,” said Brad Hibbert, VP Strategy, eEye. “These new features are further examples of how eEye solutions improve risk prioritization and streamline the vulnerability management process.”

Retina Community, eEye’s free vulnerability scanner with exploit identification and right-click Metasploit integration, is available for download now at Retina Community enables free vulnerability assessment (including zero-day) across operating systems, applications, devices, and virtual environments for up to 32 IPs. A free trial of the full-featured Retina Network Security Scanner with exploit identification and right-click Metasploit integration is also available now.

About eEye Digital Security
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