eEye Retina Network Security Scanner Passes NSS Labs' PCI Suitability Testing

IRVINE, CA – eEye Digital Security (, an expert in integrated security and threat management solutions, today announced that its Retina Network Security Scanner v. 5.10 is the first vulnerability assessment scanner to be validated under the stringent PCI Suitability program by NSS Labs, a world leader in independent security product testing and certification.

“eEye Retina Network Security Scanner is an outstanding choice for several PCI environments,” said Vik Phatak, CEO, NSS Labs. “It works particularly well within e-commerce, hosting and internal data centers as well as retail storefront environments. Moreover, our testing validated that Retina is suitable for scanning internal networks, which are more complex and require a more sophisticated approach than scanners that simply test the perimeter externally.”

The NSS Labs real-world test environment includes 250 hosts with more than 25 operating systems, 200 applications and 100 patch levels. This architecture allows the PCI-suitability validation process to comprehensively test for several attributes:

Validation of individual PCI DSS v1.1 requirements

PCI-audit features such as logging and reporting

Recommended Configuration details that assist in secure product deployment

Security effectiveness based on the recommended appropriate usage

The ability to accurately discover and classify live vulnerabilities on real operating systems and applications

NSS Labs also tested Retina’s ability to accurately identify and classify a much broader range of application vulnerabilities than normally would be required for an external vulnerability scanner. Retina successfully passed 16 of 16 DSS requirements and detected a total of 99 percent of the vulnerabilities in the extensive enterprise network at NSS Labs. The complete report can be downloaded here:

“This is the most comprehensive and challenging environment of any test lab in the world, and represents extreme enterprise conditions,” said Phatak. “In our opinion, the eEye Retina Network Security Scanner is a robust vulnerability assessment scanner that should be on any short list for e-commerce and corporate datacenters as well as corporate perimeters and retail storefront environments.”

eEye Digital Security VP of Product Management Morey Haber added, “We are proud to receive the NSS Labs validation, especially where Retina is one of the first products to be tested for PCI DSS requirements support by NSS Labs. The PCI Suitability reports from NSS Labs provide empirically validated evidence about Retina’s suitability for use in payment card networks.”

About Retina Network Security Scanner

Retina Network Security Scanner, the industry and government standard for multi-platform vulnerability management, identifies known and zero-day vulnerabilities while providing security risk assessment. These features enable security best practices, policy enforcement, remediation prioritization and regulatory audits. Retina is available as both a network security software solution and as a vulnerability management ‘shoebox’ size appliance. eEye plans to begin offering a SaaS-based offering for Retina in the near future. Details will be announced soon.

About eEye Digital Security

eEye Digital Security offers next-generation security products that detect vulnerabilities and threats, prevent intrusions and protects all of an enterprise’s key computing resources, from endpoints to network assets to web sites and web applications, all while providing a centralized point of security management and network visibility. eEye’s research team is consistently the first to identify new threats in the wild, and our products leverage that research to deliver on the goal of making network security as easy to use and reliable as networking itself. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Orange County, California, eEye Digital Security protects more than 9,000 corporate and government organizations worldwide, including half of the Fortune 100. For more information, please visit