eEye Vulnerability Expert Forum to Address Major Patch Tuesday Announcements

eEye Digital Security, a leading provider of IT security vulnerability management solutions, today announced its upcoming Vulnerability Expert Forum (VEF) will comprehensively address the largest Patch Tuesday to-date (tied with one in December 2010) with 17 bulletins being issued, which will include 64 vulnerabilities.

Nine of the bulletins are labeled “critical,” carrying the risk of remote code execution. The other eight are labeled “important” with six enabling remote code execution, one allowing privilege escalation, and one potentially leading to information disclosure. Seven of the bulletins have mandatory restarts; the remainder “may require restart.”

eEye’s VEF sessions are held online, the second Wednesday of each month, the day after Patch Tuesday, when Microsoft discloses their monthly patches. This month’s session will be held April 13, 2011 at 1:00 PM (Pacific) / 4 PM (Eastern). VEF attendees will have an opportunity to win an Amazon Kindle.

VEF sessions provide insight and information on recently announced critical vulnerabilities from Microsoft and other software vendors, as well as:

  • A complete analysis of the latest critical vulnerabilities, vendor patches, and zero-day threats
  • Detailed assessment of the true criticality of each patch to best prioritize rollout
  • Expert guidance on the actions necessary to protect systems

eEye’s VEF is one of several free, online resources that the company provides to the IT security community. Retina Community is a free asset scanner for up to 32 IPs, now being used by nearly one thousand organizations. Zero Day Tracker provides a catalogue of the newest zero-day vulnerabilities, instructions for quick remediation, and a historical record of past vulnerabilities.

“We encourage IT security pros to attend the VEF for specific insight on how to address each vulnerability announced,” said Marc Maiffret, eEye cofounder and CTO. “Especially for a Patch Tuesday of this magnitude, the additional guidance from the eEye research team will help prioritize critical fixes, so that organizations remain as secure as possible through the patching process.”

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