ExactTarget integrates Landing Pages

While an Integration Consultant with ExactTarget, I worked with many clients on building dynamic landing pages utilizing ExactTarget’s robust API.

If you believe targeting an email is important, then targeting a landing page is just as, if not more, important! The email may grasp the readers attention, but bringing them back to a generic website will just lose them again.

In this Winter release, ExactTarget will be launching Landing Pages and Microsites – a fantastic means for marketers to integrate the email to the landing page! As well, the tracking associated with the landing page will also be accessible within the account!

This is another fantastic innovation from a great (Indiana-based) company. ExactTarget is also preparing to go public so keep an eye on them. For those of you wondering… I don’t own shares nor am I compensated for this post. I just really love the company and the products they’ve been putting out!