Exinda Ensures Continuous Network Access

Ensuring continuous service on a network and utilizing WAN optimization as a service is becoming increasingly crucial as companies, both large and small, depend on their network infrastructure to serve customers and clients around the clock.
Global research firm Gartner recently released rather startling data on how the costs of network downtime is slowly depleting the bank accounts of companies that rely entirely on technology. According to Gartner, it costs a whopping $42,000 per hour for each hour of downtime on a computer network.
These organizations that use technology to the fullest for their services, including online brokerages, trading platforms and e-commerce sites, see millions of dollars vanish each year, as an average downtime of 87 hours per year can cost companies about $3.6 million annually.
Luckily, providers of WAN optimization and application performance management solutions, Expand Networks in particular, are combating this issue by delivering strategic WAN optimization as a service initiatives that eliminate redundant transmissions, stage data in local caches, compress and prioritize data, as well as assist businesses in avoiding packet delivery issues common in shared WAN environments. While the system is up and running, this enables businesses to majorly conserve on the rather high costs of guaranteeing accelerated delivery and seamless performance of services within virtualized environments and across distributed enterprise landscapes.
Expand Networks’ strategic solutions include application acceleration, disaster recovery, deployment of Web applications, optimization of MPLS WANs, voice and data convergence, and visibility and control.
With a constant demand for network access, companies are being forced to arrange their systems so that they can provide continuous support, as well as maintain and access these mission-critical applications. Another provider that’s working toward providing continuous network service is Exinda, which recently created a new approach to offering highly available visibility, control and WAN optimization as a service solutions.
Exinda, which claims to have helped thousands of organizations around the globe reduce network operating costs and provide consistent application performance over the WAN, detailed its innovative approach in a whitepaper, which can be found here.