Exinda Debuts ExOS 6.1 WAN Optimization Operating System

Exinda, a provider of WAN optimization and application performance management solutions featuring Unified Performance Management, announced the commercial launch of ExOS 6.1.

Commenting on the new release, Kevin Suitor (NewsAlert), Exinda’s vice president of marketing, said, “ExOS 6.1 enriches our UPM model, which has generated a tremendous response from the marketplace and fueled Exinda’s growth worldwide.”

The ExOS 6.1 is the new ExOS operating system forming part of the company’s family of Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization appliances. The ExOS 6.1 release features the Exinda Edge Cache, increased optimization scalability, and support for IPv6, said company officials in a release.

These features are capable of catering to network issues including increase in rich media like video traffic on the WAN and increase in numbers and complexity of users and devices besides ensuring a better user experience.

Also the ExOS 6.1 release enables the company to offer Unified Performance Solutions that include full visibility, control and optimization of each of the users and applications on the network, with a single WAN Optimization appliance, added officials.

“Many of the enterprise customers that Exinda now deals with have made the switch to our UPM-based solutions because of our unique ability to combine a comprehensive visibility solution with a very granular dynamic policy control engine and comprehensive application acceleration into a single unit that is more cost-effective to install and expand on over time,” Suitor added.

Officials explained that the Exinda Edge Cache enables single-sided caching of Internet-based content encompassing Web objects, videos and software updates with a single Exinda WAN Optimization appliance at the branch office or data center.

The ExOS 6.1 firmware release has helped Exinda expand Optimization Scalability, which gives a boost to number of accelerated connections on Exinda’s current hardware platforms. This allows more users to be supported on a single appliance enhancing performance for more users, besides eliminating the need for fresh hardware upgrades.

Exinda also announced the appointment of Adam Davison (NewsAlert) as vice president of the company, according to a recent report in TMCnet.