Exinda Energises Clarke Energy's Application Assurance

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN optimization and application assurance solutions, has been chosen by Clarke Energy to both manage and control key applications across its global network (including the UK, Algeria, Australia, China, France, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria and Tunisia) and improve the performance of its Internet links, especially to its remote offices.

Clarke Energy required a cost-effective, best in class, WAN optimization solution that could provide it with visibility and control of its strategic applications as well as acceleration. The company needed to better manage the variable bandwidth connections that support its core business applications including ERP, financial tools and case management packages that depend on the network. Clarke Energy also relies on the internet for strategic activities and needed a solution that could reduce latency, especially to offices in locations like Australia where bandwidth was limited. To overcome these challenges, Clarke Energy embarked on a programme of deploying Exinda’s application assurance technology across its global offices, as Anthony Hayes, Group IT Director for Clarke Energy and Clarke Telecom, explains.

“We chose Exinda over competitors like Riverbed and Packeteer because we needed a solution that would enable us to see everything that is travelling over the network 24/7 and manage it based on business priority. Due to the global nature of our business, we depend on our network to reliably deliver the core applications we need, enabling us to provide the best service to our internal and external customers. What Exinda has given us is the ability to manage network traffic easily, quickly and efficiently, with the added benefit of improving our productivity rate across the business.”

Anthony continues, “We are additionally using Exinda’s WAN optimization product suite within sister company Clarke Telecom to manage, optimise and accelerate business critical applications. In order to provide turnkey wireless telecoms network infrastructure to our clients, we need to be able to demonstrate a high level of expertise, and ensure that our own network delivers the quality of experience necessary to ensure successful delivery.”

Adam Davison, VP of EMEA for Exinda, adds, “Today’s networks not only have to contend with a wider variety of applications than ever before, they have to do so with the absolute minimum of downtime and latency. Our policy based WAN optimization solutions deliver an effective mix of acceleration, caching and containment for the optimal user experience of cloud applications, web content and other bandwidth intensive applications. What we have delivered to Clarke Energy and Clarke Telecom is a mix that suits their business requirements.”

Stuart Ekins, of Clarke Energy’s IT partner EDN, concludes, “Having worked with Exinda’s solutions for over 10 years now, it was an easy recommendation to make given both Clarke Energy’s and Clarke Telecom’s list of requirements. Application and performance assurance is at the heart of Exinda’s solution set, as is the ability to scale up and down quickly. As new applications, such as voice and video, have come on to the network, so these are monitored and protected by the existing Exinda infrastructure.”

About Exinda®

Exinda is global provider of WAN optimization and application performance assurance solutions. The company has helped more than 2,500 organisations in over 80 countries worldwide improve the end-user experience, manage application performance, manage congestion over the WAN and reduce network operating costs for the IT executive. For more information, please visit http://www.exinda.com.

About Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy is the authorised distributor and service partner, in ten countries worldwide, for GE Energy’s gas-powered reciprocating engines, packaged generator sets and cogeneration units for power generation. Clarke Energy provides added value to the customer by acting as single point of contact from initial sale, engineering, project management, installation through to commissioning and long-term maintenance of your generation asset. Clarke Energy is present in ten countries across the globe and has significant experience in a wide range of different gas applications including natural gas, biogas, landfill gas and coal gases.

About Clarke Telecom

Clarke Telecom is the UK’s largest wireless telecoms network infrastructure service provider. It provides products and a full range of services dedicated to this industry sector. It is able to provide full turnkey network rollout using entirely in-house resource to provide a level of control and quality that guarantees every project is delivered on time and within budget.