Exinda ExOS 6.0 Readies WAN for Next Generation Business Applications

Latest software release offers enhanced monitoring, reporting and applications acceleration capabilities; enables optimal network performance

Andover, MA – Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimization and application performance management solutions, today introduced ExOS 6.0, the latest generation ExOS operating system for its complete family of Wide Area Network (WAN) Optimization appliances. ExOS 6.0 release includes enhanced monitoring, reporting and acceleration capabilities, enabling network managers to ensure optimal performance across their networks at all times.
ExOS 6.0 is a key enhancement to Exinda’s Unified Performance Management architecture, which incorporates all core capabilities required to effectively manage the applications traversing a WAN within a single network appliance. Network managers can leverage the features of ExOS 6.0 to achieve greater network visibility, obtain greater control over bandwidth usage, leverage Netflow v9 capabilities, and optimize network performance.
“ExOS 6.0 addresses many of the challenges facing network managers, including managing ever-growing bandwidth usage and number of complex business applications, and supporting the growing usage of cloud computing and hosted virtual desktops by an increasingly mobile workforce,” said Kevin Suitor, Exinda’s vice president of marketing. “ExOS 6.0 gives our customers the visibility and management capabilities to ensure that they can support emerging virtualization and unified communications technologies, and that their networking investments will support their overall business objectives.”
A key feature of the ExOS 6.0 release is its compatibility with Netflow v9, which enables customers to leverage a future-proof solution that will support emerging third party export and storage solutions. The Netflow v9 extensions in ExOS 6.0 enable deep packet and heuristic inspection, and reports on user identification, application groups, application response, Service Level Agreement (SLA) measurements, and utilization. Exinda has also announced technology partnerships with Vineyard Networks and NetDialog International both of whom have SaaS based data reporting and analysis systems that can fully leverage the capabilities of ExOS 6.0.
The ExOS 6.0 release offers enhanced management capabilities, including Application Quality Scores (AQS), which is a key performance indicator used to measure the performance of enterprise data applications. AQS allows network managers to set minimum performance thresholds for each application and receive real-time alerts if the levels are breached. It also provides detailed reporting on TCP efficiency, as well as TCP health, which assist in identifying inefficient applications in the network and troubleshooting application performance issues. ExOS 6.0 also provides VOIP Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measurements, which provides network managers the ability to monitor and measure the user experience for voice applications.
“ExOS 6.0 brings together many of the features now in demand by managers of both small and large enterprises, higher education facilities, and municipalities,” said Suitor. “As Exinda increases its focus and resources in key regions including Benelux, the Caribbean and Latin America, and expands its channel strategy across North America, ExOS 6.0 offers our value-added reseller community an unsurpassed solution to help their customers achieve their objectives and optimize their networks.”

Key Technical Features of the ExOS 6.0 Release

Application Quality Score (AQS)
Exinda’s AQS assigns a numerical value to user satisfaction which converts measurements including network delay, server delay, network jitter, network packet loss, and round trip time into one number on a uniform scale of 0 – 10. AQS also offers a standardized method to report, benchmark, and track application performance.
TCP Efficiency and Health
TCP efficiency and health measurements are automatically and by default taken for all TCP applications on the network. Real time, historical and drill down reporting is available.
SSL/HTTPs acceleration
Accelerates SSL encrypted traffic between two Exinda appliances, with or without the servers’ private certificates.
Netflow v9 Export
Allows network managers to add new enhanced Layer 7 monitoring statistics to Netflow records, which can be exported to third-party reporting packages.
Enhanced SDP Distribution of Policy Templates
Update to SDP distribution of policy templates allows additional user defined policy templates.
Enhanced Selectable Time Reporting
Offers the ability to run selectable time period reports, giving network managers better visibility and troubleshooting capabilities.
Dynamic Optimizer Graphing
With ExOS 6.0, all policies can be displayed within the graphics, compared to just 12 in previous releases. The graphs can also be scaled to fit configured circuit/virtual circuit bandwidth and number of policies.
About Exinda
Exinda is a proven global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products. The company has helped over 2,000 organizations in over 80 countries worldwide to reduce network operating costs and ensure consistent application performance over the WAN. For more information, please visit the website.