Exinda Introduces the “Exinda Edge Cache” at Interop

Exinda, a leading global provider of WAN Optimization solutions that offer Unified Performance Management (UPM), today introduced the Exinda Edge Cache, a key feature of Exinda’s ExOS 6.1 software. The Exinda Edge Cache enables single-sided caching of Internet-based content, including web objects, videos and software updates with a single Exinda WAN Optimization appliance at the branch office or data center, enabling a superior user experience and reducing WAN utilization costs.

“The use of video in the enterprise is changing the way the companies do business. Video training, video conferencing, and corporate videos are vying with recreational video traffic and other business applications for network bandwidth,” said Lucinda Borovick, research vice president at IDC. “WAN links present a challenge because of their often limited bandwidth and high operating expenses. The ability to offload much of this video traffic from the WAN can have a significant positive impact on application and network performance.”

With the Exinda Edge Cache, web objects are cached at the network edge when they are downloaded from the Internet. These objects can then be delivered to the users on the corporate local area network much faster, providing a better user experience. In addition, IT departments can pre-populate content such as software updates in the Edge Cache, enabling users to access the files more quickly compared with accessing them over the WAN improving the user experience by five to 40 times. By caching these web objects in the local office, organizations can drive down the network traffic consumed by each office, which directly reduces network costs.

“By eliminating the repetitive download of content over the WAN, the Exinda Edge Cache dramatically improves the speed and performance of internet applications,” said Kevin Suitor, Exinda’s VP of marketing. “Our customers have seen as much as 80% reduction in http traffic over the WAN, and more than 35% reduction in video and other content. By reducing the consumption of valuable WAN resources, organizations can maximize their existing network spend and use the savings to fund innovative projects that further reduce cost.”

Exinda Edge Cache features:

The Exinda Edge Cache enables caching of web objects, video, software update and other content on the WAN. It also offers cache statistics, which provide insight into the amount of repetitive data being offloaded from the WAN link, how cacheable the network data is, how frequently the cache is being accessed, and by how many hosts, helping organizations to understand the nature of their network traffic over time.

The Exinda Edge Cache can also be aligned with an organization’s optimization policies, allowing the administrator to only cache specific content for specific users or groups of users, and to maintain very precise controls over how much WAN bandwidth should be made available for each type of cacheable content. ExOS 6.1 offers the ability to run Edge Cache alongside current TCP Acceleration and WAN Memory Byte caching simultaneously. This ensures that all traffic directed over the corporate WAN is accelerated with TCP optimization and application acceleration, as well as accelerating internet based traffic and applications using the Edge Cache.

Exinda’s Unified Performance Management Strategy

Exinda’s WAN Optimization solutions enable network managers to leverage Exinda’s unified performance management (UPM) solution, which offers network visibility, bandwidth control and application acceleration technologies within a single, easy to-use appliance.

About Exinda

Exinda is a proven global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products having shipped over 10,000 appliances to more than 2,000 organizations worldwide. The Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution encompasses application visibility, control, optimization and intelligent acceleration – all within a single network appliance that is affordable and easy to manage. Exinda is headquartered in Andover, MA and has established regional offices in Canada, the United Kingdom and Asia Pacific to support the growing global demand for its products and services. Exinda is a 100% channel business with products being distributed by a worldwide network of solution partners who offer local support and services. For more information, please visit http://www.exinda.com.