Exinda launches new network reporting center

Exinda, a provider of WAN optimization and application performance management solutions, has announced the launch of its new network reporting center.

Network Reporting Center (NRC) delivers comprehensive network wide reporting and long term historical trending and analytics, providing network managers with a complete view of their entire worldwide network.

According to the company, Network Reporting Center is an advanced reporting solution that provides real-time troubleshooting and historical reporting of all of the applications on the WAN and on an organization’s Internet connections. NRC goes beyond the port and protocol reporting offered by other solutions, to show the actual applications and users consuming network resources. The NRC is offered as a cloud solution or as an on-site virtual appliance.

“Network managers often struggle to answer questions about network performance, such as why the network is slow, how are important business applications performing on the network, which ones are consuming all of the bandwidth, and how much bandwidth is being consumed by recreational applications,” said Kevin Suitor, Exinda’s vice president of marketing. “With NRC, network managers now have the tools to monitor overall network performance, analyze historical data to anticipate problems, identify key trends in performance, and address them before they impact the user experience.” Once installed on the WAN, NRC collects network data from each location, including head office and branches, and consolidates the data into a single, centralized reporting dashboard. NRC provides granular, by-the-minute reporting in real time, as well as up to two years of historical data on the applications traversing the network.