Exinda Provides Network Visibility, Assures Critical Voice Apps for LTC

Exinda, a global provider of next-generation WAN optimization and Network Control solutions, today announced that Lakeshore Toltest Corporation (LTC) has implemented Network Control solutions from Exinda to ensure the performance of its critical applications at remote construction sites around the globe.

LTC, one of the fastest-growing construction management companies in the world, operates more than 40 construction offices, primarily in the government services market, with a growing business in the oil and gas industry.

With construction sites in remote locations, such as Kabul, Afghanistan, and Williams County, North Dakota, LTC relies on expensive satellite links at many sites to maintain access to its critical services, which include e-mail, Skype for voice and SharePoint for other applications. With its connections continually maxed out, and expensive upgrades looming, LTC turned to Exinda for visibility into its bandwidth utilization.

“We need much better visibility and insight into what kind of data was moving over our network because the other option – a satellite upgrade – was very expensive,” said Jay Fowler , network manager for LTC.

“Voice via Skype is our most important application and we needed to make sure that it was always available, especially for conference calls. Access to the Internet overall, and to SharePoint specifically, is also important because that’s how we provide information to and from our partners. And as part of the puzzle, we also need to make sure we are keeping the morale of our personnel in mind, because some of these locations are very high stress, and access to the Internet and to their families is very important.”

With Exinda solutions in place at 18 locations, ranging from its principal offices in Maumee, Ohio, and Detroit, Mich., to remote sites in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guam, LTC has clear visibility into its traffic. The company uses Exinda’s policy-management capabilities to create custom policy configurations based on the needs of each site, for example, prioritizing Skype above all other traffic, dropping P2P traffic and restricting social sites like Facebook during work hours.

“We used to battle with this on a daily basis, but with Exinda, it’s not an issue at all. I estimate that Exinda has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in satellite and network upgrade costs across our locations,” Fowler said.

“Exinda is pleased to provide LTC the visibility it needs into its network traffic, and the ability to assure the performance of the applications that are most strategic to its business,” saidBrendan Reid , vice president of product marketing for Exinda.

“Exinda’s policy-based WAN optimization 2.0 capabilities give LTC the context to effectively balance applications such as Skype, which it utilizes for both business and recreational purposes. Without this intelligence and policies to govern the company’s bandwidth usage, critical applications can and will be impacted.”

About Exinda

Exinda is a leading global supplier of WAN optimization and Network Control solutions. Exinda enables organizations to assure a predictable user experience for strategic business applications through policy-based WAN optimization and Network Control that intelligently allocate network bandwidth and optimize traffic based on the priorities of the business. The company has helped more than 2,500 organizations in over 80 countries worldwide assure application performance, improve the end-user experience, contain recreational applications and reduce network operating costs for the IT executive. For more information, please visit http://www.exinda.com.

About LTC

LTC is among the fastest growing construction management companies in the industry, operating across government services and industrial/commercial markets globally through a network of over 40 offices.  Serving a wide variety of end markets, including facilities, infrastructure, energy, and oil and gas, LTC provides creative, sustainable solutions for our clients. With a staff of over 600 experienced management, technical, operations, and support staff worldwide, LTC has successfully executed construction projects totaling more than $1B over the last 5 years. For more information, please visit http://www.lakeshoretoltest.com.