Exinda and Vineyard Networds Provide Network Visibility

Technology Partnership Agreement ensures support for Netflow v9 capabilities

Andover, MA – Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimization solutions, today announced that it has signed a technology partnership agreement with Vineyard Networks, an industry leader in network monitoring, troubleshooting and reporting for the small and medium business and enterprise market. Under the agreement, Exinda and Vineyard verify that the integration of Exinda x60 appliances with ExOS 6.0 with Vineyard’s Network Reporting Centre (NRC) solutions, allowing customers to take full advantage of Netflow v9 capabilities.
“Support for Netflow v9 is a critical factor when selecting networking tools, as its extensible format ensures compatibility with existing standard netflow based reporting platforms while also providing the opportunity to do a much tighter integration with partners now and in the future like we’ve done with Vineyard Networks,” said Kevin F. R. Suitor, Exinda’s vice president of marketing. “Our technology partnership agreement with Vineyard Networks has enabled us to verify that our joint solution allows our customers to fully leverage the rich network and application performance information from the Exinda x60 appliances in Vineyard’s central network monitoring and reporting platform, NRC, and ensure compatibility with the latest standard export technologies.”
By leveraging Vineyard’s NRC solution, Exinda can offer network managers a central reporting solution with granular details for every flow across an entire enterprise network, delivered in a platform that is easy to deploy, maintain, and use and is hosted onsite or in the cloud.
In addition to Netflow v9 support, the Exinda ExOS 6.0 release offers enhanced management capabilities, including Application Quality Scores (AQS), which allows network managers to set minimum performance thresholds for each application and receive real-time alerts if the levels are breached. It also provides detailed reporting on TCP efficiency, allowing network managers to identify the least-efficient applications in the network, as well as TCP health. The ExOS 6.0 also provides VOIP Mean Opinion Score (MOS) measurements, which provides network managers the ability to monitor and measure the user experience for voice applications.
“At Vineyard we’re all about application intelligent solutions, and through the Exinda ExOS 6.0 release, our customers and partners can leverage Exinda’s ExOS Netflow v9 support to gain access to the rich network and application utilization and performance statistics tracked by the x60 appliances,” said Jason Richards, CEO at Vineyard Networks. “This is one of the best examples of the flexibility of Netflow v9 and Exinda’s Unified Performance Management approach provides customers with network visibility, bandwidth control, application acceleration and WAN optimization within a single unified platform, and allows them to easily control usage and performance based on the advanced reporting offered by our NRC.”
About Vineyard Networks
Vineyard Networks is the technology leader in Application Intelligent Network Classification and Reporting solutions. In conjunction with our Technology Partners, we are leading the way to the next generation application aware network. To learn how you can add application intelligence to your network, visit the website.
About Exinda
Exinda is a proven global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products. We have installed and maintained network deployments that exceed 1,000 devices. The company has helped over 2,000 organizations in 80 countries worldwide to reduce network operating costs and ensure consistent application performance over the WAN. Exinda’s products are distributed by a worldwide network of solution partners offering local support and services. For more information, please the website.