Exinda Details Hightly Available WAN Optimization Solution

White paper details the various options available to Exinda’s customers when configuring visibility, control and optimization solutions for public and private cloud offers

Andover, MA – Exinda Networks, Inc., a leading global provider of WAN optimization and application performance management solutions, today announced the availability of a new white paper detailing its approach to delivering always-on highly available visibility, control and optimization solutions.
Organizations of all sizes, from small specialized businesses to large global enterprises, are increasingly reliant on their network infrastructure to support the business applications they need to be grow their businesses and remain competitive in their marketplace. Business has become more global than ever before, requiring companies to service customers and partners around the clock.
Due to these constant demands for network access, high availability is now a top priority for network administrators. The increased business dependence on mission critical applications (such as customer portals and email) means that organizations need to have the ability to continuously support, maintain and access these applications. Organizations must now plan and configure their systems for high availability, so that they can rely on them for continuous service.
According to Gartner, a leading global research firm, the hourly cost of computer network downtime is a staggering $42,000 per hour. And for companies that rely entirely on technology—such as online brokerages, trading platforms and e-commerce sites—hourly downtime risks can cost millions of dollars. Even the average downtime of 87 hours per year, costs companies about $3.6 million annually.
If you are interested in ensuring 100% continuous service on your network using Exinda, simply visit Exinda’s website and download a free copy of our whitepaper.
About Exinda
Exinda is a proven global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products. The company has helped over 2,000 organizations in 80 countries worldwide to reduce network operating costs and ensure consistent application performance over the WAN. For more information, please visit the website.