Exinda's Virtual Appliance Combines Unified Performance Management and Hardware-Based WAN Optimization Solutions

Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimization solutions has just launched a new virtual appliance that integrates unified performance management functionality with its hardware-based WAN optimization solutions in a virtualized software load.

The unified performance management solution enables enterprises and service providers to utilize the virtual appliance to deliver WAN optimization services to users and customers, without the requirement for a dedicated hardware appliance.

The unified performance management solution powered by Exinda is built on three pillars that include visibility, control and optimization.

By operating at Layer 7 of the network, the solution provides insight into all network activity, usage and performance and CIOs can get all the user and application information they need to keep their networks operating at peak performance. The unified performance management product also provides managers with in-depth reports on network traffic, which empowers them to rapidly take action to improve network performance, user experience and optimize productivity.

The control pillar enables CIOs to optimize network resources to the individual needs of their organizations through comprehensive control over network traffic, without placing heavy-handed restrictions on users.  In addition, the optimization pillar of the WAN optimization solution provides detailed application classification and prioritization, granular policy-based traffic control, and selective TCP and application acceleration. This allows businesses to dramatically improve application response times, increase traffic throughput, and reduce the effects of latency.

“Virtualization and cloud computing are the two biggest trends in computing today, and our new virtual appliance plays right into both of them,” said Kevin F. R. Suitor, vice president of marketing at Exinda, in a statement. “Our virtual solution offering gives us more complete technology coverage on a variety of use cases in today’s market.”

The Virtual Exinda WAN Optimization Appliance is compatible with all major hypervisors in virtualized environments, company officials said. The solution is currently being beta tested by service providers and enterprise data centers to provide public and private cloud-based optimization services.

Recently, Exinda announced its 10060 series WAN optimization appliance has been deployed by Ryerson University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, to easily monitor traffic, prioritize applications and optimize bandwidth usage on its campus network.