Exinda's WAN Optimization as a Service Solution Improves User Experience for University

Ball State University has selected Exinda’s WAN optimization as a servicesolution to improve the user experience of the more than 20,000 students, faculty and administrators on its wide area network (WAN).

With Exinda solutions, the university’s IT team has improved visibility, reporting, and control of its network infrastructure. Moreover, it has also increased its bandwidth management capacity by 250 percent.

Ball State University selected Exinda’s 10060 series WAN optimization solution, which supports up to 20 Gbps worth of traffic and up to 250,000 users.

Recently, the university increased the bandwidth in its network to accommodate students and faculty who are increasingly accessing and sharing video applications across the network, said Christopher Cahoe, network engineer of Ball State University.

After a thorough review of available solutions, the university determined that Exinda offered the greatest throughput per dollar, and the quality of the product exceeded other solutions, Cahoe said. “In addition, the licensing structure offered by Exinda made sense to our business.”

The Exinda 10060 comes with the ExOS 6.1 software that supports Exinda Edge Cache, a single-sided caching feature. Company officials said that feature “significantly” improves the performance of video applications and also reduces the impact of video traffic on the WAN.

The integration of Exinda’s 10060 with the Ball State University network was completed in less than four hours. The integration has provided increased visibility and monitoring of application performance on the network.

Cahoe said that another benefit of the Exinda solution is its Unified Performance Management approach, which has provided visibility, control and optimization of the applications and users on our network, all with a single solution.

“With Exinda, we have the ability to support more users on our network, without the need for additional bandwidth upgrades,” Cahoe said.

Exinda is a global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products. Earlier last month, the company announced the commercial launch of ExOS 6.1.