Exinda's WAN Optimization Solutions Selected by Lihir Gold Limited

Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimization solutions, today announced the deployment of its WAN Optimization appliances by Lihir Gold Limited (LGL), a major gold mining company with operations in Papua New Guinea, Australia and Cote d’Ivoire. The Exinda solutions were integrated with the LGL’s satellite network that provides connectivity to its processing facilities on the island of Lihir, located 900 km north east of Papua New Guinea. As a result of the Exinda deployment, the performance of the satellite network has been significantly improved, and LGL has complete visibility and control of the traffic in its network.

“In the gold mining industry, any delays or outages in our communications networks can quickly turn into costly delays in exploration and processing. With Exinda, LGL has successfully increased the capacity and reliability of our satellite network, ensuring we have the capacity to easily manage the traffic in our network, without any delays and without having to invest in additional network equipment,” said Steve Franklin, Superintendent, IS& Communications, Lihir Gold Limited. “In addition, the network traffic controls and visibility provided by the Exinda products enable us to continuously monitor its network to ensure the efficient delivery of critical information and communications.”

The remoteness of LGL’s facilities and exploration and production sites requires the use of satellite technologies to achieve the long-range connections required for communications between its more than 2500 employees throughout its sites. The heavy network usage and high bandwidth requirements of the applications that LGL relies on to share and analyze data was causing high latency in the network. After a comprehensive review of available network technologies, LGL selected Exinda’s WAN Optimization technologies to enable its network team to identify and prioritize the traffic in its network, and reduce redundant traffic, significantly increasing available bandwidth in the network for critical applications.

In addition to linking remote operations with the central processing facilities, LGL’s communications network is a critical component of its safety practices and process at each of its facilities. “The ease of installation and the level of support offered by the Exinda products and teams enabled us to deploy the network appliances without any disruption to our communications,” added Franklin. “Any network outage would have required delays or shutdowns in production to ensure our people’s safety. Exinda understands the unique challenges of our industry and provided a solution that met all of our requirements.”

As a result of the Exinda solutions, LGL has seen improved response times for applications across its satellite links. “After analyzing the traffic on the LGL network, we identified the Exinda 2860 and 4860 as the best solutions. The installation of these solutions has significantly reduced duplicate data transfers with MAPI, HTTP and SMTP. Equally importantly, the TCP acceleration has reduced the impact of latency in the satellite links, eliminating the need for LGL to purchase additional spectrum,” said Kevin Suitor, Vice President of Marketing, Exinda.

Extensive Global Experience

Exinda’s solutions have been deployed by organizations around the world to analyze, manage, and optimize their network performance. With the support of its local channel partners, Exinda has specialized in the development and deployment of WAN optimization solutions that meet the strict requirements of the mining sector, including performance, ease of deployment, cost-effectiveness, safety and sustainability.

“Exinda was granted a Five-Star rating by a leading technology publication, in recognition of our excellence in enabling our channel partners to sell and support our advanced network optimization solutions,” said Suitor. “We carefully select each of our local channel partners based on their specific industry knowledge and experience, as well as their technical capabilities to deploy our products. By choosing to work with specialized companies, we can ensure we offer the best solutions and services to customers in the specific industries we serve.”

About Exinda

Exinda is a proven global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products. We have installed and maintained network deployments that exceed 1,000 devices. The company has helped over 1,500 organizations in 55 countries worldwide to reduce network operating costs and ensure consistent application performance over the WAN. The Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution encompasses application visibility, control, optimization and intelligent acceleration – all within a single network appliance that is affordable and easy to manage.

Founded in 2002, Exinda is headquartered in Andover, MA and established regional offices in Canada and the United Kingdom to support the growing global demand for its products and services. Exinda also invests heavily in ongoing Research and Development, which operates in our Melbourne, Australia facilities.