Free People Shoots Down Bad E-commerce Ideas, Justifies the Good

Unveiling the first of a series of customer success stories today, Monetate, a vendor of choice for testing, targeting, and personalization for e-commerce websites, highlights the flexibility of the Monetate platform (

“Free People is a great example of how Monetate clients are finding new and powerful ways to use our platform,” says David Brussin, Monetate founder and chief executive officer. “Free People is not only using Monetate to increase revenue through A/B testing of site content, but also employing Monetate as a business intelligence tool, exploiting its unique business rules testing capabilities.”

According to David Hayne, Managing Director, Direct at Free People, the apparel retailer regularly uses Monetate to perform A/B testing of different versions of the home page at to find which version converts higher and produces higher average order value.

“From an A/B testing standpoint Monetate has been a great fit for us,” says Hayne, adding, “While we’re using Monetate to do straightforward A/B testing on many different parts of the site, we are also using it for more complex testing.”

In the Monetate Customer Story published today, Hayne describes how Free People used Monetate to explore the extent to which free expedited shipping encourages or discourages purchasing for a range of customer segments.

“Monetate allows us to acquire valuable metrics about net revenue from programs like this,” says Hayne, “It means we can make decisions about whether such programs are worthwhile based on solid data, not hunches.”