Ga. provider signs Prognosis EHR

ChartAccess is Implemented in Georgia Hospital Health Services

Georgia Hospital Health Services (GHHS), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Georgia Hospital Association, has signed an agreement with Prognosis Health Information Systems that will enable Georgia hospitals to implement Prognosis’ ChartAccess Comprehensive EHR.

A shared web-native EHR, ChartAccess is built on a cloud-based SaaS (software-as-a-service) model, where applications are delivered over an encrypted network. Prognosis’ deployment initiative enables hospitals to get the system operational in months, according to Houston-based Prognosis. Users can access the system using a standard operating system and a secure browser, the company added.

The Georgia Hospital Association is a nonprofit trade association that serves 170 hospitals in Georgia. GHHS partners with companies to provide products and services at a discounted rate and/or with added benefits to member institutions.