Healthcare MSP Keeps Medical Office Operating with Intronis Despite Hardware Failure

Among Untangled Solutions’ clients is a medical office that relies on QuickBooks to manage patient billing and accounts.

When a hardware failure knocked the office’s server offline along with the QuickBooks data earlier this year, the team at Untangled Solutions was able to recover the QuickBooks data file to another workstation before the office staff was even aware the server was down.

“It was going to be five days before we could get a failed power switch replaced, yet we were able to restore the QuickBooks data in about 30 minutes,” said Chris Johnson, CEO of Untangled Solutions.

Technical support from Intronis played a hand in the fast restore, helping Untangled Solutions’ staff quickly walk through the steps to restore the data to a new device. Untangled Solutions also created a backup set from the new device to ensure the QuickBooks data would stay backed up.

“Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery is easily managed in the cloud, and perhaps the biggest advantage is that backups are never something our clients need to worry about,” said Johnson, who is chairperson of the CompTIA Healthcare IT Community and a CompTIA Ambassador. “Our clients don’t see the backup system in action; they just know they get results.”

Untangled Solutions provides managed IT services and consulting to healthcare providers. The firm specializes in helping medical practices make strategic IT decisions that increase efficiency, decrease hidden costs, and improve the quality of patient care.

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