Hyphen Technology (Pty) Ltd. Cuts Bandwidth Utilization, Reduces Cost, and Accelerates ROI Thanks to Exinda

Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimisation solutions incorporating Unified Performance Management (UPM), together with its Platinum reseller partner, Layer 7 Networking, has enabled outsourced application service provider Hyphen Technology (Pty) Ltd. to gain granular visibility and control of its network, thereby increasing its intelligence around bandwidth utilization and capacity, leading to substantial cost savings and a return on investment in just over 2 months, as well as improved network efficiency.

Hyphen processes, tracks and reconciles 3 million financial transactions daily on behalf of large corporate clients using its hosted financial administration platform. This requires 24/7 operational infrastructure, along with the ability to monitor and control the network, whilst at the same time maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring continuous service levels during peak traffic times. Hyphens’ customers include four major banks in South Africa, together with a number of the country’s government institutions, retail organisations, and insurance companies.

Hyphen’s deployment of an Exinda UPM solution between the company’s headquarters and data centre provides comprehensive monitoring, control and optimisation of traffic during high-volume, complex and multi-layered financial transactions. Prior to installation, Hyphen found itself constantly increasing bandwidth capacity to meet clients’ needs, thereby incurring additional cost. As a result of the Exinda solution, Hyphen’s average day-to-day bandwidth utilisation has reduced from 100 Mbps to below 10-15Mbps, peaking at up to 30-40Mbps during peak load times, a reduction of between 60% -90% in bandwidth costs.

Tabakenna Mashilwane, Chief Operating Officer at Hyphen Technology, explains, “The Exinda solution has enabled us to understand exactly what is consuming bandwidth, what we need to do to manage that consumption, pinpoint bottlenecks exactly, and remove non-critical traffic at peak times. By merely removing non-business critical traffic from the first network layer we have been able to save a significant amount of money this year alone, which results in a tremendous direct contribution to reducing the company’s cost base.”

Mashilwane continues, “The results we have seen from Exinda in the short amount of time the solution has been deployed have been significant. We are delighted with the level of service we have received from Exinda and our partner Layer 7 Networking, which has been instrumental during the initial proof of concept phase through to full installation. We are now looking to install a further two Exinda devices later this year to provide a holistic view of the entire network.”

Alan Rehbock, sales director for Sub-Saharan Africa at Exinda, says: “The business benefits we have managed to achieve for Hyphen Technology has led to a significant financial saving for the organisation and is a clear validation of our solution. We continue to see growing market demand for our technology within the region as we address many of the network performance challenges faced by organisations looking to take advantage of the business benefits offered by cloud, SaaS and real-time applications such as video.”

About Exinda®

Exinda is a proven global supplier of next generation WAN Optimisation and Application Acceleration products. The company has helped over 2,500 organisations in over 80 countries worldwide improve the end user experience, manage application performance, manage congestion over the WAN and reduce network operating costs for the IT executive. For more information, please visit http://www.exinda.com.

About Hyphen Technology

Hyphen Technology (Pty) Limited is a subsidiary of FirstRand Investment Holdings. Driven by technology, innovation and service, Hyphen focuses on the delivery of a broad spectrum of value-add solutions within the Business-to-Business environment.

These include the majority of South Africa’s largest life assurance companies, short-term insurance companies, furniture retail groups, municipalities, certain banks and prepaid service providers. After twelve years in operation Hyphen still provides service to 98% of it’s original client base.