iJento Announces Three New Multichannel Solutions to Enhance ExactTarget Implementations

iJento, a partner sponsor of the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit has today announced a series of new solutions that fully leverage existing Adobe SiteCatalyst and ExactTarget implementations to deliver a fast and ROI-driven multichannel customer intelligence solution.

These new solutions are being demonstrated by iJento at their booth 126 at the Adobe Summit and include:

iJento for SiteCatalyst enables you to put the detail-level customer data from your existing Adobe SiteCatalyst implementation into an iJento Datamart – a powerful, open architecture SQL Server database. This solution will meet the market demand from organizations wanting to get direct access to their rich, detailed individual customer data stored within their SiteCatalyst investment.

Once in an iJento Datamart, organizations can then integrate their SiteCatalyst data with other feeds of offline customer data such as call center, email, store, mobile, etc. You are then able to use either your preferred business intelligence tools to query, report and analyze data, or use iJento Intelligence tools, to query, report and visualize detailed online paths and multichannel customer journeys.

Available for both hosted and on-premise implementations, iJento for SiteCatalyst includes an easy-to-use facility that transforms the SiteCatalyst click-stream data feed into a well-structured SQL Server data model, including full support for eVars, sProps and other custom implementations.

iJento for ExactTarget is a new solution that makes it easy to use rich, individual level customer data stored within an iJento Datamart for targeting and personalizing email, SMS and social campaigns. It enables you to select customer behavioral, demographic, attitudinal and transactional attributes stored within an iJento Datamart, and automatically import the data into the subscriber data extensions in your ExactTarget account on a routine basis.

You can create better targeted and personalized marketing campaigns for greater engagement with your customers. There is the ability to schedule a daily import of data to ensure you have an up-to-date view of your subscribers’ web behavior within ExactTarget, so you can react quickly to re-engage and retain high-risk customers. Plus, having access to the full customer journey means that you can perform detailed analysis of the impact of email, SMS and social campaigns so you can optimize your marketing strategy.

iJento Voyager is an industry first solution which enables you to visualize multichannel customer journeys. This visualization moves beyond a simple online funnel view to show the entire customer journey within and across channels, enabling you to see where individuals drop out of one channel, such as your website, and where they enter another channel, such as your call center.

This allows you to easily visualize the multichannel paths that lead to conversions and those that lead to drop-offs, for all customers or for selected customer segments. Furthermore, iJento Voyager allows you to instantly select the individuals that reached a specific point in the journey for follow-on targeting or messaging. The key benefits of this solution are the ability to visualize multichannel customer interactions within your organization and better understand multichannel customer journeys.

You can gain insights into barriers to conversion and events that successfully drive customers to convert and optimize them. A particularly valuable feature of iJento Voyager is the ability to overlay segmentation such as demographic or membership information and visualize how particular segments of customers are affected by different interactions. This can help you to identify the best channels and the events that drive deeper engagement for particular groups.

Barry Parshall, Senior Vice President of Product Management, iJento said: “At iJento we are focused on bringing innovative solutions that transform and extend web analytics to multichannel customer intelligence. Crucially, we are doing two things. Firstly, extending the power of our technology to optimise the treasure troves of rich customer behaviour data that are captured in web analytics systems such as SiteCatalyst. And secondly, offering an open platform that allows clients to integrate different online and offline data sources to facilitate a single customer view. Together, these new solutions provide the power for organizations and their marketers to address critical questions about audience segments and customer intent.”

About iJento

iJento is a technology company that helps data driven organizations integrate and analyze their customer information across multiple channels and devices. The company helps major brands and businesses including Allianz, Financial Times, CitiBank, RBS Insurance and Tesco get direct access to their visitor data and gain sophisticated insights into customer behaviour, interests and intent at the individual level. iJento is an international company operating in the USA, UK and Australia.



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