Brands Need to Increase Creative Output to Benefit from Social Media

San Francisco, CA – Brands and businesses need to increase their output of creative content as a means of gathering users according to Reality Digital, the leading provider of social network software for brands and businesses.

With increasing numbers of brands and businesses now integrating social media strategy into their overall marketing efforts, there has been a rush to establish the quickest and most efficient means of gathering fans and supporters on social networks. Although there are many ways of doing this, Reality Digital has indicated that it is the ongoing creation and promotion of bespoke content that is specifically designed to resonate with the brand’s audience that will result in an increased number of users.

Such content will provide a digital water cooler that users can gravitate to, and as such the quality of such content and its value to the target audience is key. This content is far more likely to be shared too, and as a result, brands can often see their fan count increasing as content is spread and linked to across social networks.

Robert Proctor, Head of EMEA for Reality Digital, said: “The creation of content is one of the most important aspects of growing social networks for brands. This doesn’t necessarily need to be something that requires lots of time and resource to create, as simple, straight forward ideas that resonate with the audience will go down just as well, if not better.”

“The content could manifest itself in several ways, perhaps a high quality online video, or even several pieces of content that are combined to create a user generated content competition, facilitating both engagement and sharing across the growing variety of social networks.”

Reality Digital is a leading provider of web community software for brand and businesses, providing brands with a means of harnessing the engagement power of social networking tools.

Reality Digital’s Opus platform allows for the integration of a video social network into an existing website, meaning that brands can simply add the features that they need, and the software-as-a-service aspect of Opus removes any of the overhead headaches associated with normal software investments.