Instructure, Blackboard, Desire2Learn and IMS Global Launch the LTI App Bounty

Instructure, maker of the Canvas learning platform, announced at the IMS Global Conference today that it is partnering with Blackboard, Desire2Learn and IMS Global Learning Consortium to encourage development of new LTI®apps for education.

As part of the “LTI App Bounty,” Instructure is offering a $250 reward for each qualifying LTI app submitted by June 10, plus an additional $1,000 for the best apps selected by an expert panel of judges from Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Remote-Learner, IMS Global, Brown University, The University of Texas at Austin and Hack Education.

“The LTI standard makes integration of educational resources exponentially easier and fuels innovation in education,” said Dr.Rob Abel , chief executive of IMS Global. “We commend Instructure and the industry-leading organizations supporting IMS for working together to grow an open and innovative education ecosystem.”

Launched by IMS Global in 2010, LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) provides standard APIs and data integrations for developers to create education apps that operate cross-platform. The goal of the LTI App Bounty is to leverage interest in LTI as a way to increase openness and interoperability in edtech.

“Cooperation in education is fundamental to learning, and I believe it’s fundamental to creating a technology ecosystem,” saidBrian Whitmer , co-founder and chief product officer at Instructure. “Unfortunately, old style vendor lock-in has been a drag on the level of innovation and growth of a true edtech ecosystem. But with initiatives like the App Bounty, we’re working to fix that.”

“Desire2Learn has been a contributing member to IMS GLC for almost a decade and has taken a leadership position in the development and proliferation of standards,” said Jeremy Auger , chief technology officer at Desire2Learn. “We are excited to be a part of any effort that furthers the adoption of the LTI standard and increases the availability of integrated learning experiences.”

“I am very excited to be a part of this project and see what kind of apps it produces,” said Chuck Severance , chief Sakai strategist at Blackboard. “Anything we can do to foster innovation and collaboration among edtech users — and each other — is good for the entire education industry. The LTI App Bounty does a good job at encouraging both.”

The LTI App Bounty panel of judges includes:

  • Rob Abel , CEO of IMS Global
  • Hong Chau , Instructional Designer at Brown University
  • Barry Dahl , Community Manager at Desire2Learn
  • Chuck Severance , Chief Sakai Strategist , Blackboard
  • Audrey Watters , Edtech Journalist for Hack Education
  • David Wiley , Openness Evangelist and Shuttleworth Fellow
  • Katherine Grace Gordon , Computer Science Student at The University of Texas at Austin
  • Jason Cole , CEO and Moodle Author at Remote-Learner

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