Instructure Releases Canvas Analytics

Instructure released learning analytics for customers of the Canvas® platform at InstructureCon, the company’s annual user conference.

Canvas Analytics delivers intuitive dashboards for students, educators and administrators to aid in making data-driven decisions that improve learning.


“We’ve focused on the learning side of analytics and made the dashboards immediately usable,” said Brian Whitmer, VP of Product Management at Instructure. “We wanted to give the data to the user quickly without requiring report building knowledge.”

Students, instructors and administrators can view Canvas Analytics and drill-down on specific areas unique to their role. Students can see a dashboard of their performance, course activity and how they’re doing in comparison to their class. Teachers can monitor a course as a whole, compare courses side by side, identify at-risk students and proactively intervene to help their students.

Administrators can access the same information teachers have and can make side-by-side comparisons between programs or departments. Administrators can also export all the analytical data via the Canvas API, allowing institutions to use the data in the way that makes the most sense for them.

Instructure followed the same pattern for software development to create Canvas Analytics that it used to create the Canvas platform. The founders began listening in the fall of 2011 to K-12 and post-secondary educators about their greatest learning analytics needs. In February 2012, Instructure began a beta program with 12 institutions.

Bay Path College participated in the early beta program and over time added more than 40 courses and 800 students to Canvas analytics. Sarah Bombich, Instructional Designer at Bay Path College first evaluated individual-level analytics and later reviewed course-level analytics.

“We love the Instructure approach to development,” Bombich said. “By evaluating parts of the product, we engaged in a more collaborative experience and felt Instructure listened intently to our feedback.”

Canvas Analytics is available to Instructure customers at no additional cost. Rather than taking the traditional learning management systems approach of charging for each component, Instructure includes analytics in Canvas. Instructure customers benefit from this approach by having a system that is always up to date without having to deal with patches, upgrades and scheduled maintenance.

“Canvas Analytics is very easy to use,” said Kim Munzo, Director of Online Education at Ross Education. “You no longer have to jump to the grade book or other places in the system. Everything you need to know about that course is right in front of you.”

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