Inteva Selects Exinda's Solutions

According to a recent announcement made by leading WAN optimization solutions provider Exinda, its solutions have been selected by Inteva Products LLC to improve the performance of business applications on its corporate network that connects 25 locations throughout Europe and Asia. By deploying Exinda’s 4000 and 6000 series WAN Optimizations solutions, Inteva has been able to accelerate engineering CAD traffic, and control internet bandwidth to multiple sites, resulting in a 35 percent reduction in traffic over its network.

“The wide area network that connects our sites is critical to our ability to collaborate between teams and deliver products that our customers’ stringent requirements,” said Jody Kelley, Infrastructure Manager, Inteva, in a statement. “To handle the transfer or large files between offices, while minimizing bandwidth consumption, we needed a solution that offered both packetshaping and acceleration of WAN traffic.”

Inteva worked with its technology solutions partner, Amerinet, to manage the installation of theExinda appliances. “Exinda provided Amerinet with appliances for a proof-of-concept prior to our purchase. After seeing the immediate impact the Exinda had on network performance, we were confident that it was the right solution to connect our 25 sites,” added Kelley.

Exinda’s 4000 and 6000 series WAN Optimizations solutions provide visibility, control and optimization of the applications and users on the network, all in a single appliance.

Recently, Ball State University selected Exinda’s WAN optimization as a service solution to improve the user experience of the more than 20,000 students, faculty and administrators on its wide area network (WAN). With Exinda solutions, the university’s IT team has improved visibility, reporting, and control of its network infrastructure. Moreover, it has also increased its bandwidth management capacity by 250 percent. Ball State University selected Exinda’s 10060 series WAN optimization solution, which supports up to 20 Gbps worth of traffic and up to 250,000 users.