IT Service Provider Recovers a Decade of Lost Tax Data with Intronis

Brent Fairbanks recently had opportunity to save one of his clients from a catastrophic loss of 10 years of mission-critical data.

Last month Fairbanks, the manager of Electronic and Computer Specialties of California, was contacted by a client CPA firm when a key tax program stopped working. Fairbanks learned that an employee wanted to remove the tax program from an old computer. Rather than uninstall the program in question from the computer, the employee deleted a related folder from the server that stored 10 years of programs and data.

The data loss was significant, and included critical financial information the firm needed to continue managing its clients’ accounts. The firm’s operations would have been at risk if the data wasn’t recovered. Using Intronis Cloud Backup and Recovery, Fairbanks was able to restore the data – more than 20 gigabytes worth – in a few hours. Operations continued with minimal interruption and no lasting consequence.

“My client was operating as if nothing had gone wrong,” Fairbanks said. “The consequences would have been severe if we weren’t able to recover the data. Intronis’ software is very intuitive, so even though I may run restores infrequently, recovery is simple, fast and complete.”

Founded by Fairbanks in 1986, Electronic & Computer Specialties provides managed backup services, Internet presence services, software products and services, and video surveillance products and services throughout Southern California.

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