Latest Version of Exinda Reduces 90% of WAN Data & Cuts Set-up Times in Half

ANDOVER, MA – Exinda, a global provider of WAN optimization solutions, today introduced the ExOS 5.4, the latest generation of its ExOS software for its complete family of WAN Optimization appliances. ExOS 5.4 software release resolves many of the traffic management issues that network administrators face today. By ensuring the optimal use of available bandwidth and easy diagnosis and resolution of network problems, ExOS 5.4 enables education institutions, small and medium businesses, local governments and other organizations to maximize the traffic over their networks without additional infrastructure costs.

“The new ExOS 5.4 release provides administrators with insight into network activity, usage and performance, and provides the monitoring and controls needed to keep networks operating at peak performance,” said Kevin Suitor, Vice President of Marketing, Exinda. “It also enables the allocation of required network resources meeting the needs of each user through comprehensive control over network traffic, without placing heavy-handed restrictions on users.”

ExOS 5.4 provides the inspection, identification and reporting functions that are essential to effective WAN optimization and traffic shaping. Deep packet inspection and heuristic traffic inspection enable accurate identification of all applications including evasive and encrypted applications such as P2P file sharing. User identification via integration with Microsoft Active Directory increases visibility into network usage by identifying and correlation network usage to users, and allows generation of reports, and establishment of dynamic optimization policies by individual user or user group. Non business critical traffic such as P2P social applications can be controlled via policies that provide for application prioritization, traffic shaping and other bandwidth and Quality of Service (QoS) management techniques that provide an unmatched user experience.

“Network managers must constantly balance the need to enhance user productivity and support bandwidth-intensive applications with the need to prevent unnecessary bandwidth usage and monitor and diagnose network issues,” said Zeus Kerravala, Distinguished Research Fellow, Yankee Group. “The Exinda solution enables CIO’s to deliver a positive user experience without the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades. Ease of integration with diverse range of networking equipment and environments is another important factor for network managers when choosing a traffic management solution. Organizations that rely on network performance will need to invest heavily in technologies that optimize traffic management and eliminate the need for costly infrastructure upgrades.”

Key Differentiators

ExOS 5.4 incorporates Exinda’s exclusive unified performance management (UPM) solution, which offers industry-leading visibility, traffic-shaping and WAN optimization technologies into a single, easy to use appliance. The UPM intelligent architecture reduces set-up time for multi-site WAN optimization deployments by 50 to 80 percent due to its auto-discovery, auto-configuration and synchronization capabilities. Exinda reduces application latency and improves the overall quality of user experience using methods such as: Layer 4 transport optimization, compression, localized caching, application streamlining using methods such as prefetching data to further maximize network capacity and improve application performance.

“We attribute Exinda’s growth rate to our ability to understand the financial, operational and technical issues that our customers face while selecting and managing their network components,” said Suitor. “Each enhanced feature of ExOS 5.4 was designed to enable our customers to better utilize their networks while minimizing their systems costs.”

Technical Advantages of the Exinda ExOS 5.4 Release

Increased scalability and performance

ExOS 5.4 increases acceleration flow capacity for each device on the network. Overall network data speeds are increased by checking more data via the unit’s WAN memory cache and removing duplicates from the data flow, so less data is required to be transferred with each flow. Accelerating traffic flows also reduces the amount of time each flow is on the network, further improving performance.

Advanced Congestion Control Algorithms

With the release of ExOS 5.4, Exinda now offers selectable congestion control algorithms which allow tuning of Exinda’s TCP Acceleration for optimal performance in a wide variety of WAN network environments, including terrestrial, satellite and wireless.

Enhanced Subscriber Management

ExOS 5.4 incorporates Dynamic Virtual Circuits (DVC), which can be used to control bandwidth allocations by groups or IP hosts, by application or by VLAN identification or to allow fair sharing which ensures that all users receive equitable share of the bandwidth. Utilizing the Dynamic Virtual Circuits allows network operators to manage bandwidth according to their unique needs. From ensuring adequate bandwidth to support rich media applications such as Telepresence, VoIP or Videoconferencing, to controlling bandwidth according to usage schedules, the DVC enables operators to maximize network performance within their existing available bandwidth.

Industry-Leading Security and Controls

In addition to Exinda’s leading encrypted application detection, ExOS 5.4 incorporates the anonymous proxy detection that was introduced with the 5.3 version of Exinda’s software. This advanced security feature provides network administrators a solution for stopping users from bypassing security policies and enforcement measures. Anonymous proxy detection has significant benefit in environments such as schools and government institutions, where tech savvy users are frequently looking for ways around restricted network access.

About Exinda

Exinda is a proven global supplier of WAN Optimization and Application Acceleration products. We have installed and maintained network deployments that exceed 1,000 devices. The company has helped over 1,500 organizations in 55 countries worldwide to reduce network operating costs and ensure consistent application performance over the WAN. The Exinda Unified Performance Management (UPM) solution encompasses application visibility, control, optimization and intelligent acceleration – all within a single network appliance that is affordable and easy to manage.

Founded in 2002, Exinda is headquartered in Andover, MA and established regional offices in Canada and the United Kingdom to support the growing global demand for its products and services. Exinda also invests heavily in ongoing Research and Development, which operates in our Melbourne, Australia facilities.

Exinda is a 100% channel business with products being distributed by a worldwide network of solution partners who offer local support and services. For more information, please visit our website.