LIVE FROM VMWORLD: Acronis and VMTurbo Deliver Backup and Intelligent VM Monitoring in Single View

VMTurbo and Acronis, a provider of disaster recovery and data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments, announced a new technology partnership that brings together virtualization monitoring and high performance backup and recovery for VMware vSphere environments.

The recently announced Acronis vmProtect 6 integrates its backup and recovery with real time monitoring and reporting from VMTurbo Community Edition, which is freely available from VMTurbo.

The joint solution combines fast, affordable, simple backup and recovery with real time monitoring and alerting that allows administrators to:

* Monitor both system performance and backup performance from a single dashboard.

* Accurately monitor backup and system performance in real time, enabling immediate response to failure alerts in order to maintain high performance levels.

* Provide early warnings of failures within vStorage, minimizing the risk of data loss.

“The ability to share information between the products in a single dashboard increases the awareness of potential failures, allowing administrators to act before they reach crisis,” says Izzy Azeri, GM and Senior VP, Americas at Acronis. “VMTurbo Community Edition offers a premium enhancement to Acronis vmProtect 6 customers at no extra cost.”