Mobile email bolsters marketing campaigns, online purchases

In recent years, there has been a great deal of hype behind mobile advertising and brand promotion through applications. But according to a recent ExactTarget study, email remains one of the key factors to mobile content marketing campaigns.

In its Mobile Dependence Day report, ExactTarget noted that mobile email, more than any other mobile marketing format, is driving American smartphone owners to make purchases.

The survey revealed that 56 percent of polled smartphone users have completed a purchase after receiving a mobile email. Marketing via text messaging came in second, influencing purchases among 41 percent of respondents.

However, mobile email is only part of the conversion process. Businesses can couple email newsletters with strong content on their mobile websites to provide potential customers with additional information and compel them to follow through on a purchase.

As Brafton has reported, mobile marketing has the capacity to transform email campaigns, as more consumers are likely to email both personal and business email accounts through their mobile devices. As this trend continues, more businesses will recognize the potential of mobile email and its ability to target specific audiences effectively.