Mobile shopping to triple by 2015, study shows

A new study from Juniper Research shows that mobile payments are expected to surge during the next four years. As the trend unfolds, businesses can rely on mobile content marketing to increase visitor traffic to their websites and encourage mobile purchases.

According to the report, mobile transactions will reach $670 billion by 2015, up from $240 billion this year. These figures, Juniper noted, include mobile payments for goods and services, money transfers and near-field communication transactions, which essentially enable one’s mobile device to function as a credit card.

Juniper’s study highlights the importance of developing a marketing strategy that caters to mobile devices. As it appears that consumers are more willing to use their smartphones and tablets to make purchases, companies can increase exposure and generate more business by designing mobile-friendly websites.

According to the study, Eastern Asia, Western Europe and North America will account for the bulk of mobile spending growth, representing a combined 75 percent of mobile payment transactions by 2015.

As Brafton reported, a recent study from ExactTarget also suggested a growing need for mobile content marketing strategies. That study found that 16 percent of surveyed consumers indicated they had made purchases as a direct result of mobile marketing.