Monetate Demos Fastest Way to Test, Target, and Personalize Websites at Summit

Four power features are key to making Monetate the fastest way to test, target, and personalize websites according to Scott Samios, VP of Sales for Monetate, Inc. (

“These four features, as well as the rest of Monetate’s marketing optimization capabilities, will be demonstrated to the many online and multichannel retailers attending the Annual Summit in Dallas next week,” said Samios.

Here’s how Samios describes the four features and their benefits to online retailers:

SalesMap Analytics: This is Monetate’s powerful built-in analytics platform and it means you can immediately start to target content to your website’s visitors, without waiting to integrate with your current analytics solution.

Shadow CRM Profiling: This is Monetate’s built-in ability to create profiles of returning store visitors and build a comprehensive database of behavioral information which you can use for testing and targeting of content and offers right away; this means no delays integrating with existing CRM systems.

Catalog Intelligence: This is Monetate’s ability to automatically scan or crawl your online store’s catalog which means all of your “live” product content is immediately available for testing, targeting, and personalized promotions, again with no need for any integration effort on your part.

PageMap: This is Monetate’s ability to automatically scan the pages of your online store and allow you to make changes anywhere on the page without you having to perform any page edits; this is the feature that Alex Miller, VP eCommmerce & eMarketing at QVC, has described as “an incredible resource saver.”

According to David Brussin, Monetate Founder and CEO, “Taken together, these four features mean that the online marketing and merchandising folks can take control of relevant content on a retail website as soon as the retailer signs up to use Monetate.”