Monetate Launches ActionBuilder: A New Way for Marketers to Create Personalized Customer Experiences in Minutes

Monetate, a leading technology solution provider that allows online marketers to leverage Big Data to create personalized online customer experiences, has announced the release of ActionBuilder, a new Monetate core feature that gives marketers the power to create targeted campaigns in minutes, on any part of the website.

CafePress Inc., The World’s Customization Engine™, used ActionBuilder to customize its website around the NCAA tournament.

“The beauty of ActionBuilder is that we can take a campaign idea and execute it almost instantly, anywhere on the website, without coding,” said Wanchen Tsai , manager, business intelligence and analytics at CafePress. “Recently, we created a targeted banner campaign based on the geographies of teams in the NCAA tournament, so that visitors coming in from Louisville, for example, were not presented with a rival team’s gear.  This was a time-sensitive campaign, but with ActionBuilder, we deployed it successfully within minutes – something that would have ordinarily taken significantly longer to accomplish.”

An advanced visual editor, ActionBuilder makes it simple for marketers to modify any part of their website, preview changes in real time, and then immediately apply the experience to specific customer segments.  Once created, those actions are reusable and can be applied to completely different campaigns.  This means that marketers using ActionBuilder gain control of the customer experience, allowing them to bypass backend systems to dynamically change the web experience for specified visitors.

“ActionBuilder gives marketers even more speed and control when it comes to personalizing the web experience for their customers,” said Bruce Ernst , vice president of product management at Monetate. “It gives brands the power to target, deploy and test campaigns anywhere on the website within minutes, which is a critical capability for marketers in today’s constantly evolving customer-centric environment.”

About Monetate

Monetate empowers marketers to leverage Big Data to create more personalized and engaging online customer experiences. By providing more relevant web interactions, leading brands are able to anticipate and react to consumer preferences to generate stronger customer relationships and significantly increase profits.

Monetate drives billions of dollars of revenue every year for some of the best-known brands in the world, including Best Buy, Frontier Airlines, Aeropostale, The Sports Authority and PETCO. The company’s solutions and conversion expertise enable marketers to deliver a more relevant customer experience with unprecedented agility.

Leading marketers rely on Monetate’s cloud-based browser solutions to achieve a new level of speed and control, allowing them to run 16 times more optimization campaigns compared to industry averages. Monetate solutions include advanced products for testing, merchandising, targeting and cross-channel consistency, providing an opportunity to bypass IT restraints and react in real time to customer demands. Monetate also helps marketers implement best practices and drive online revenue through its expert strategic services and content publishing teams.