Monetate Launches New Platform; Democratizes Digital Marketing

Today, during the fourth annual Monetate Summit event, Monetate announced the launch of a new platform which aims to fundamentally disrupt digital marketing and place greater control in the hands of today’s marketers.

The new Monetate platform, consisting of ContentBuilder, TargetBuilder, EventBuilder, and ActionBuilder is democratizing digital marketing by giving marketers a single, self-service user interface from which they can initiate and scale customer experience programs.

The new Monetate platform was designed for marketers by marketers to free them from the constraints of IT, creative and analytics, in order to provide customers with the best possible experience.

“The new Monetate platform puts full control in the hands of the marketer; providing a simple and intuitive means of accelerating creative output and seamlessly managing campaigns across multiple channels and screens,” said Bruce Ernst, vice president of product management, Monetate. “The most scalable programs are the ones that reduce or eliminate as many implementation roadblocks as possible. The launch of this new platform frees marketers from the need to draw upon scarce and costly IT, Creative, Business Intelligence and Professional Services resources.”

Today’s marketers understand the value in creating more relevant and personal experiences for their customers. However, a recent survey conducted by Monetate and eConsultancy, revealed that 54 percent of marketers are “challenged by having to pull together the necessary technology, data and skills to make delivering these experiences work.” The new Monetate platform resolves these challenges by placing everything a marketer needs to create incredibly personalized experiences in a single, understandable and easy to use interface.

The new Monetate platform includes:

  • ContentBuilder – Accelerate creative output. Build dynamic content. Democratize creative resources. ContentBuilder allows marketers and their creative counterparts to more quickly and easily build targeted campaign assets, apply them to campaigns and map them to the right audience  allowing for unlimited campaign variations based on just a single asset.
  • TargetBuilder – Define audience segments. Know your customers. TargetBuilder allows marketers to easily define and select audience segments and mitigates the need for a centralized customer database. TargetBuilder can define segments based on three criteria – cookies, DOM elements, and Javascript variables.
  • EventBuilder – Customize analytics criteria. Reduce dependency on Javascript properties and variables. React in the moment. EventBuilder allows marketers to track standard and custom engagement events for their marketing campaigns; eliminating the need to make physical page changes to accomplish this.
  • ActionBuilder – Launched in April 2013, ActionBuilder is a point and click editor that makes it simple for marketers to modify any part of their website, preview changes in real time, and immediately apply the experience to specific customer segments. Once created, those actions are reusable and can be applied to completely different campaigns.

These new tools represent the latest in a host of features focused on delivering enterprise class personalization in a self-service format. The self-service feature set also includes an integration API that allows users to easily map web templates and page types for use in campaigns, as well as a dashboard that monitors performance in real time. The expanded feature set is part of a new breed of tools aimed at allowing user experience teams to work in unison with other cross-functional groups, including creative, analytics, marketing and IT.

For more information on the Monetate platform and our expanded feature set, visit our features page.

About Monetate

Monetate is a marketing acceleration software company that believes when the customer wins, the marketer wins.

A new kind of marketing technology, the Monetate Acceleration Cloud lets marketers understand their customers’ situations, behaviors and preferences, and act on those insights with in-the-moment, relevant experiences, targeted to the right customer at the right time.  The Monetate Acceleration Cloud runs above traditional infrastructure and is accessed through one seamless interface.

Monetate generates billions of dollars of new revenue for businesses, helping them grow 39 percent faster than the industry average. Brands such as Best Buy, National Geographic, and Celebrity Cruises rely on Monetate to put the customer first, creating stronger relationships that drive sustained competitive advantage.