MSP Grows Services with Intronis to Serve Nonprofits Nationwide

A nonprofit capacity-building organization that exclusively serves other nonprofits is expanding its reach nationally, offering a cloud-based backup and recovery service powered by Intronis that’s managed remotely and provides ultimate data protection for mission-critical data.

NPower Pennsylvania, a nonprofit offering IT services to more than 375 charitable organizations in the Philadelphia region and beyond, provides its clients a hybrid solution of local and offsite backup services. All data is backed up locally, while mission-critical data is also backed up in the cloud.

“Some of our clients want all of their data in the cloud; some want a smaller footprint there. This helps us lower their costs and protect their data. It is a win-win,” said Patrick Callihan, executive director of NPower Pennsylvania. “They know that in an event of a failure, we can get their data restored quickly.”

Callihan said when one client – a New Jersey-based arts organization – lost several key files after a shared folder was accidently deleted from a server earlier this year, his team was able to restore the folder remotely in a matter of moments.

“We now have made it part of every managed services contract we provide. It just makes good sense for us and good sense for the customer,” said Callihan “Intronis makes it easier for us to recover our clients’ files; it also helps us sleep better at night. It’s a great solution for disaster recovery and business continuity.”

Callihan said his firm hosts webinars and educates nonprofits about backup best practices routinely, helping clients and prospects develop cost-risk analysis for their backup solutions. Before engaging NPower Pennsylvania, Callihan said most clients may have been backing up with USB drives, which is a manual, time-consuming and often error-prone process.

Last year, NPower Pennsylvania launched npCloud to deliver cloud technologies to nonprofits nationwide, and Intronis provides underlying technology for its backup services. Using Intronis, NPower Pennsylvania and npCloud are able to offer backup and recovery services remotely, enabling the firm to extend its services to nonprofits nationwide. It’s helped NPower grow its customer base significantly.

“We’re deploying critical technology services across the nonprofit sector, no matter where they’re located,” Callihan said.

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