Naperville School District 203 Chooses Canvas

Naperville School District 203 has selected Canvas from Instructure as its new, modern learning platform for all its elementary, middle and high schools.

Canvas provides improved collaboration between students and teachers and a way for teachers to deliver media-rich lessons and assessments to students. Naperville 203 opted against a traditional evaluation process and chose an all-inclusive approach, involving input from parents, students, teachers and staff.


“We chose Canvas to meet the broad educational needs from across the school district,” said John David Son, Director of Instructional Technology at Naperville Community Unit District 203. “We looked at Canvas from every direction and followed a collaborative process that involved many groups of people before making our selection.”

The selection process contrasts the traditional approach to IT purchasing used within a school district. Instead of having IT evaluate systems and make a choice on its own, Naperville 203 chose to conduct roundtable stakeholder sessions with teachers, students, parents, administrators and technology staff to discover their needs in a learning management system.

The 8-month process included more than 100 stakeholders and led to a Canvas pilot with 30 teachers and 500 students within the school district. Following the selection process, Naperville 203 chose to utilize a rollout process to approximately 25 percent of the district with a goal to make Canvas available to all teachers, including K-8, by August 2013.

One of the needs identified in the process is for Canvas to assist elementary and middle school teachers, not just those teaching high school classes. Naperville began training teachers this week and already has more than 100 teachers across the K-12 spectrum ready for the new school year.

“We built Canvas with students, parents and teachers in mind as a place where they could all come together with the unified goal of helping the student,” said Brian Whitmer, co-founder and VP of Product Management at Instructure. “We believe an essential part of improving secondary education is providing effective tools that engage students in, and keep parents informed of the learning experience.”

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