New AtTask Solution Gives Outlook Users the Power of Enterprise Work Management

Email sucks the life and productivity out of enterprise workers.

It is a chaotic, disconnected communication silo that results in lost messages, forgotten documents, unmet work requests, and an unending conveyor belt of busy work.

Email is a significant drain on time and resources, particularly considering that 100 emails will occupy more than half of an enterprise workers day[1]. This significantly limits the time enterprise workers have to actually do their work.

“Email was built as a communication tool, not as a collaboration and work management tool,” said Eric Morgan, CEO of AtTask. “Most enterprise teams live in email hell because of how difficult it is to track work requests they receive or send. They are effectively using email as a workflow and accountability tool for which it was never intended.”

With the release of the new Outlook integration, the AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud makes it easy for enterprise teams to make Outlook a more productive work management environment. This results in:

  • Work gets tracked, not lost – Work doesn’t get buried in the email garbage dump.
  • Work gets done, not delayed – Work commitments are delivered on time.
  • Collaboration hub, not silos – Collaboration occurs in the context of the work.
  • Work bliss, not email hell – Email volume decreases as work activity increases.

The AtTask integration for Outlook offers today’s enterprise worker workday bliss, as they can now easily track and make work requests via email and then manage and collaborate on that work without ever leaving the comfort of Outlook.

  • Request Work From Others with “Send & Request” – The typical ‘Send and Forget’ approach requires that you search your Sent folder to remember what you have asked others to do and then send out multiple emails to find out the status. Instead, AtTask provides centralized work request tracking and collaboration directly from emails and allows you to send a request for work directly from the “New Request” button in the Outlook ribbon.
  • Drag & Drop Emails to Convert to Work – Instead of work requests living in multiple places, including buried deep within inboxes, AtTask provides a centralized queue and work list to evaluate, prioritize, and delegate work. Users can easily drag and drop emails to convert to a work request that retains email details, including attachments.
  • One Click to Collaborate in the Context of Work – Instead of searching email to track down multiple documents and conversation threads, AtTask is a single, central place where all work can be managed, including social collaboration, work progress, risks, time tracking, documents, digital proofing, and approvals.

“AtTask is focused on improving enterprise worker productivity, and now we have the ability to greatly reduce email chaos,” continued Morgan. “AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud makes it easy for our clients to manage all types of work while improving collaboration and visibility. No longer do they need to risk the email black hole to ensure effective execution of work.”

To see a demo of how AtTask for Outlook can make your email and overall work management more productive, visit

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About AtTask

AtTask is the only provider of cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solutions for enterprise teams. This provides a single, central place to better manage and control the chaos of enterprise work, which improves visibility and productivity by eliminating wasted time dealing with fragmented, siloed tools and processes. With AtTask, teams, managers and executives receive visibility into work planning, prioritization, resourcing and sequencing to help everyone work more efficiently toward achieving the organization’s goals. AtTask has a broad range of Global 500 and other enterprise customers, such as Nike, Cisco, ABC, ESPN, 3M, and Trek. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter @AtTask.


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