NextDocs Selected as Member of Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint Program

NextDocs, the global leader in Microsoft SharePoint-based compliance solutions for the life sciences industry, announced today its membership in Microsoft’s Business-Critical SharePoint Partner Program (BCSP).

The BCSP program identifies providers with a proven ability to integrate SharePoint with critical line-of-business systems in order to surface and share vital business data as well as improve business processes and productivity.

“Being accepted into the Microsoft Business-Critical SharePoint partner program is the result of our continued commitment and innovation in the industry,” said Zikria Syed, CEO of NextDocs. “We have demonstrated success in providing compliance solutions that help life sciences companies optimize and accelerate business processes by deploying Microsoft technology.”

A Microsoft internal report has shown that “customers who have SharePoint connected to other important business systems show significantly higher product satisfaction.” The BCSP program brings together leading Microsoft partners with the technology and business expertise that enables organizations to streamline business processes and strengthen collaboration.

In order to become a member of the BCSP, partners must have proven their ability to help customers maximize the value of their SharePoint investment. They must also demonstrate domain expertise and significant experience with SharePoint in one or more lines-of-business. NextDocs was selected for the program because of its document management solutions, which enable life sciences companies to meet regulatory compliance requirements with the Microsoft SharePoint platform.

NextDocs has helped over 100 life sciences companies reduce the cost and complexity of meeting compliance requirements. NextDocs solutions deliver a lower total cost of ownership and broader area of applicability by leveraging Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. These systems have enabled pharmaceutical companies, CROs, biotechnology firms, and others in regulated industries to:

  • Surface previously siloed business data
  • Give users direct access to vital information
  • Streamline existing business practices
  • Improve visibility across teams
  • Improve return on investment

NextDocs is an established Microsoft partner that has been repeatedly recognized for its continued demonstration of industry expertise, thought leadership, and commitment to the Microsoft platform. The company has been accepted into the Global ISV Innovators Partner Program and the Windows 8 Early Adopter Program. NextDocs has also been selected as the Microsoft Life Sciences Partner of the Year three consecutive times and has received multiple Microsoft Life Sciences Innovation Awards.

About NextDocs Corporation

NextDocs is the global leader in providing Microsoft SharePoint-based compliance software solutions including quality management software, regulatory document management, and clinical portals. Our solutions enable businesses in regulated industries to achieve compliance with FDA and other agencies while automating processes, improving efficiency, and dramatically reducing costs. NextDocs customers include pharmaceutical companies, biotechs, medical device companies, and CROs. For more information on NextDocs Corporation and its software solutions, visit