Online publications are now displayed 20 % faster

When a reader clicks to open your publication, you only have a few seconds to make an impression. The rule of thumb is: the faster the reader is presented with content on the screen, the better your chances are of keeping that reader’s attention. Zmags March Release includes enhancements to get your content displayed faster to your readers thanks to an optimized platform for online publications.

Faster loadspeed with Zmags

That is why our developers have worked hard on an optimized platform to allow for the speed optimization of your online publications. By optimizing server-end processes and making sure that various modules are only loaded when needed, Zmags online publications are now loaded 20% faster, on average. Access to your online publications is quick whether you show a leaflet of a few pages or you produce a huge product catalog of hundreds of pages.
The faster display of online publications works on all our customers’ existing publications that will inevitably benefit from load time optimization.

More flexibility when editing live publications

Zmags March Release uncovers a new function that speeds up server refreshing. We have added a refresh button in Zmags Publicator to enable update release within 15 minutes when you edit a live publication. This adds flexibility; for example, if you have changed prices and you need to exchange a page in your online publication. A click on the refresh button, and your edited version is released to your readers through more than 34,000 servers in Akamai’s efficient content delivery network.