OpenView Announces its New Ideas Site for Expansion Stage Companies

Boston, MA – Expansion stage companies seeking inspiration and ideas for building great companies now have a new resource to help them. Today, Boston venture capital firm OpenView Venture Partners announced the release of the OpenView Labs website. The OpenView Labs website was developed to share the firm’s expertise and approaches for building expansion stage technology companies. The overarching mission of the site is to communicate actionable and digestible ideas and inspiration that help its readers build great companies.

“We created the Labs website to help our readers identify the most important goals and initiatives to undertake in their businesses, get a basic understanding of the many ideas that they could be incorporating to realize their goals, and point to additional people and other resources that can help them further,” described Scott Maxwell, Senior Managing Director of OpenView Venture Partners.

“The Labs website was created to help our target audience understand the business benefit of several ideas and introduce action steps necessary for a solid basic implementation of the ideas,” added Amanda Maksymiw, OpenView Marketing Associate.

The Labs site features daily articles and videos sharing tips on improving many facets of expansion stage companies, specifically customer development, whole product development, and company development. The initial Labs web-site authors come from the OpenView team and network. Great ideas from the industry are also included on the website on a daily basis to help share more resources beyond the OpenView Labs website. Over time, OpenView hopes to add expert authors from different specialties necessary to build great companies and continue to expand the network of contributors and curators.

The target audience for the website is entrepreneurs and professional managers who are building technology companies, are at the expansion stage of their development, and have aspirations of becoming dominant global leaders in their product markets.

“While every article is aimed at this very specific target audience, we expect readers with companies at other stages of development and in other industry sectors will benefit from the ideas as well,” said Maxwell.

If you have an expertise and an interest in contributing to the Labs site directly, please contact Amanda Maksymiw at amaksymiw(at)openviewlabs(dot)com or 617-478-0935.

About OpenView Venture Partners

OpenView Venture Partners is an expansion stage venture capital fund with a focus on high-growth software, Internet, and technology-enabled companies. Through its staff of seasoned operating executives, who collectively bring several decades of technology and management experience to the firm, OpenView is able to help portfolio companies with quickly ramping up Product, Go-To-Market, and Organizational and Operational functions to best practice levels. The firm was founded in 2006 and has a total capital under management of approximately $240 million. OpenView Venture Partners is based in Boston and invests on a worldwide basis.